So is this like?

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User Info: ff-leader

9 years ago#1
Just curious but this game wouldn't happen to be like a great game i played a long time ago, Icewind Dale for the PC would it?

User Info: clanboru15

9 years ago#2
Have you looked at the gameplay video?
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User Info: Mikekuu

9 years ago#3
The most similar game to diablo is Baldur's Gate from what I've played. There might be others I don't know of.
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User Info: Death_Grunty

9 years ago#4
That one game for the PS3 is similar to this. I can't think of the name at the moment, but it's an RPG.
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User Info: Dhay

9 years ago#5
Icewind Dale is more true rpg with lot of detail in the story while Diablo is hack&slash which is action + rpg game.
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