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So what was the easiest class to play in Diablo 2?

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User Info: smackfan

9 years ago#1
What class was the easiest to play in Diablo 2?
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User Info: Falcor

9 years ago#2

User Info: St0rmFury

9 years ago#3
Trapassin is pretty easy for me.
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User Info: Tifas_Revenge

9 years ago#4
Hammer Paladin, albeit expensive for enigmas though easiest to play cause they could kill almost anything
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User Info: lacrossewalk

9 years ago#5
Trapassin is easy until people with resistance showed up.

Still fairly easy but you had to kinda think.

I always thought that Whirlwind bards were easy.
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User Info: chaotikal

9 years ago#6
I had a Lancer Barb that owned all, also enjoyed the Paladin Class and the Fire Sorc Class..sadly this was all ages ago as I quit soon after 1.06 and everything turned to ****

User Info: lacrossewalk

9 years ago#7

User Info: Greyden

9 years ago#8
Man... I had a fire Sorc with a pretty high frozen orb.... she kicked ass!! but I couldnt tell you what version that was...
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User Info: HighOnPhazon

9 years ago#9
Summoner Necro in the current patch.

Skeletons are buff, the build requires little to no gear to do well at all.

I went through normal and nightmare with complete garbage for items.
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User Info: linkcloudarthas

9 years ago#10
Zookeeper necromancers are for sure easiet
I dont even attack anything
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  3. So what was the easiest class to play in Diablo 2?

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