The Diablo Rap Reborn

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User Info: FindKenshi

6 years ago#1
I made this up a long time ago on Ventrilo, when patch 1.10 came out. Then, during a server downtime, I posted it on the forums. It kinda spread like wildfire after that. I even posted it on GFaqs once, YEARS later, and was amused to see ppl recognized it from the forums, even accusing me of trying to steal credit for it. Anyway, here it is again. You have to rap each verse in the actual voice of the characters doing it.

My name is Mephisto, I'm the Lord of Hate
My Brothers have escaped you, and you're too late!
I live in the durance.. of hate level THREE
where a lot of heroes come and try'ta 'MF' me!
I'm tall, I'm skinny, and I'm made of bone
If you kill me, I'll drop a soul stone!

I'm Diablo but you can call me "Big D"
Not Even Death Will Save You From Me!
I'm a big red demon and I look really scary
Come fight me now in the chaos sanctuary
You gotta have resistance if you make me your foe
I'll scorch you to the bone with my Red Lightning Hose
So hit the five seals then, get ready for your fate
I'm comin' out, when the GROUND starts to SHAKE!

Baal.. Destruction.... that is my name!
And my Brothers... shall not have died in vain!
I'll have you seeing Double in no time at all,
Then hit you with my power and watch your MANA FALL!
I got tentacles in your face!
I'll push you all away!
With my big blue waves
It's time for you to pray!
I'm teleporting all around, you can hear the sound
of Twin Baals taking you to your Grave!

Ok.. I changed it up. For the life of me I can't remember the Baal verse, I think it's never been the same each time I post the Rap, the baal verse is always completly different xD. I'd give anything to see the original post I made on the forums way back when patch 1.10 was brand new and it felt like D2 was a new game again.

User Info: FindKenshi

6 years ago#2
Um... seriously? Not even one reply? I was expecting this to be a 500 topic of laughter and praise.

User Info: t3hNub

6 years ago#3
If you want a reply so bad you can have mine: your rap sucks.
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User Info: True_Rune

6 years ago#4
I'm stealing this.
It took hundreds to kill me, but I killed humans by the THOUSANDS!!! Look at me!!! I am sublime!! I am the TRUE face of evil!!!

User Info: LousStevens

6 years ago#5
t3hNub posted...
If you want a reply so bad you can have mine: your rap sucks.

Why don't you try to make a better rap? Answer is because it will take too long so you won't, or you can't because this rap is really good. Bashing was unnecessary unless you just enjoy being a jerk to others.

I loved the rap TC. Obviously the poster above me does to since he wants re-use it under his name (he is most likely joking).

I can picture the three brothers on a stage which is too small to fit all three of these guys and they are decked out in thug gear as they are rapping with club lights flickering all over the place. The audience listening isn't hell's minions but instead they are emo goth teens screaming HELL YEA LUCIFER RULES.
Death is never the answer. Life is. - Galioth
(message deleted)

User Info: kyntrel

6 years ago#7
never heard of it before.. not going to diss on it like some chodes around here would but eh what i will say is no comment =)
Know who else likes to Troll?!
MY MOM!!!!!! OHHHHH!!!!
(message deleted)

User Info: kemosabe-tbc

6 years ago#9

I hate rap, but I think it was pretty good. Good work!

User Info: FusionFuryX

6 years ago#10
too much like the rap from donkey kong 64... doesn't fit with diablo theme IMO
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