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Sore hand/wrist

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User Info: MagusReborn

5 years ago#1
So I heard that there is no wasd it's all point and click unlike diablo 2 my question is how do you do that without hurting your wrist pretty quickly?
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User Info: XMetaphysics

5 years ago#2
Err... not be a babby girl. I don't understand how... wah? : |
And how exactly was D2 not all point and click?

User Info: CGoblins

5 years ago#3
The controls are simple.

Movement is with left and right clicks. There is also an ability assigned to those buttons as well...

Numbers 1-4 on the keyboard also have an ability assigned to them.

Each slot has multiple abilities you can assign to it, but for some odd reason abilities are tied to the slots. So for example...

Attack, dodge, and parry are able to be tied to the left click. SUPER, Block, kick nuts are able to be tied to the right key. You can't swap them though. like you can't have SUPER on the left key and Attack on the right key.

The keys ability sets seem like they are for specific purposes. Like 1 has defense abilities.

There's no problem with wrist movement at all.
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User Info: Elite_199

5 years ago#4
Lift weights!
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User Info: AllGodsDie

5 years ago#5
If your wrist/hand hurts then your not holding your mouse right. That can lead to arthritis. Move your hand with your mouse, don't let your wrist dedicate the movements.
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User Info: jedinat

5 years ago#7
Also, men move mice with their fingertips.

User Info: Interfusor

5 years ago#8
jedinat posted...
Also, men move mice with their fingertips.

Indeed! And hold one of those tiny tea cups you can't get your finger in the handle, in the other hand!
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User Info: FoleyRoom

5 years ago#9
When your wrist hurts, either get over it or do some excercise...

User Info: t3hNub

5 years ago#10
jedinat posted...
Also, men move mice with their fingertips.

This. Crank dat movement sensitivity up!
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