MOST powerful class to LEAST powerful class

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User Info: rve956

5 years ago#21
If were going off the beta, WD is by far the best. Soul harvest boosted his damage way above everyone elses.


User Info: mrnv

5 years ago#22
SeThelloSoma posted...
Hey guys after being invited to the beta I can say this and because of Non discolsure agreement ( NDA ) I cant say much....

1. Barb most powerful hands down just trust me on this one.
2. Sorc Magic and teleportion? Fantisimo!
3. Demon Hunter , ahh the good ol bow and arrow
4. Witch Docter kind of a solo class
5. Monk. he is not very good

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User Info: Morgasaurus

5 years ago#23
I loved WD in the beta. Soul Harvest then use his initial skill with triple shot rune and crowd control with firebats with your dogs running around.

Or for bosses with an "intro" you can create a pile of spiders before the fight and weave in Soul Harvest every 30 seconds or whenever adds show up.

I can't wait to be in a game with 4 Witch Doctors using spiders.

There isn't really enough information to say who is more powerful at this point.
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User Info: TychusFindlee

5 years ago#24
My predictions would be:
1. Barb/Witch doctor
2.Demon hunter
3. Wizard/Monk

User Info: BatenKalas

5 years ago#25
Monk is the only class I played where I didn't have ANY situations where I had to back off due to taking too much damage, even prior to obtaining the heal spell. They have insane survivability.

User Info: Special-Edd

5 years ago#26
1. Monk
1. Wizard
1. Barbarian
1. Demon Hunter
1. Witch Doctor

They will all be powerful and depending on how you spec them they will be able to do insane amounts of damage.
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User Info: AKAIcewolf

5 years ago#27
If you are going by the beta.

Witch Doctor (you CANNOT dispute this)
Monk (well to be honest I didn't really play monk)

my prediction is:
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User Info: IqarP15

5 years ago#28
it all depends on the player any person can say that any class is the strongest and or weakest. and it depends on how much time and effort they put into their own character gear wise.

User Info: therickmu25

5 years ago#29
Does anyone else see the Witch Doctor running into A real problem on the harder difficulties? I just feel like when you rely so much on summoning other things to help you out it takes away from the control you need later in the game.
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User Info: Richardthe3rd

5 years ago#30
Pretty much impossible and pointless to try and speculate on a list like this. We've seen exactly 5% of what each class can do.
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