Monk vs Barb

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User Info: tirn33

5 years ago#1
What is the main difference? Monk seems more mobile and Barb can take more punishment?

The whole healing aspect of the monk scares me a bit. I don't want to have to worry about constantly healing myself or others. I just want to smash faces in.

User Info: AlphabetSoup

5 years ago#2
I believe barbs get an ability to pick up more HP from health globes and have more drop, maybe someone else can clarify, but I think that is how it kind of evens out.
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User Info: tirn33

5 years ago#3
AlphabetSoup posted...
I believe barbs get an ability to pick up more HP from health globes and have more drop, maybe someone else can clarify, but I think that is how it kind of evens out.

You are correct about health orb passives for the barb.

User Info: Psyborgasm

5 years ago#4
AlphabetSoup posted...
I believe barbs get an ability to pick up more HP from health globes and have more drop, maybe someone else can clarify, but I think that is how it kind of evens out.

This sounds right? I don't fully remember though. There are also items that drop that increase the healing of health globes.

If I had to guess I would say Monks will be more of a utility tank class. Maybe like a Paladin? Ability to heal, tank (somewhat) and maybe provide decent crowd control. Whereas a barb will be in there whacking away, periodically moving out of range to heal up.

User Info: DahlVaughnni

5 years ago#5
People need to stop dropping classes into archetypes like this.

They're both melee. Neither are support, neither are tanks. They're 2 melee classes that have different styles to them. They're both offensive. Try both, stick with the one that clicks for you.
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User Info: Government_Food

5 years ago#6
But isn't any kind of Barb or heavy class considered a tank class as well?

User Info: Cogito

5 years ago#7
Monk has healing abilities and Mantras.

Barbarian tries to stay in action as long as possible,
popping out to grab health globes before jumping back into the fray.
He also has shout and war cry to help allies.

Both can kill and have different ways to help allies.
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User Info: wolfy42

5 years ago#8
Sadly barbs seem superior to monks in almost every way. I'm very dissapointed long term in the monk. Not going to break it all down, but a brief synopsis.

Run speed (you would think monks would dominate here).

Monk has to use a passive to get any decent run speed bonuses at all (run speed bonuses are only on boots btw and don't get that high). I believe you get a brief boost from one ability (5%) and you can get 15% when full on discipline or something. Anyway tops out as a monk at 20% max.

Barbarian gets sprint which can be kept up pretty constantly with marathon and decent fury generation (or the passive that gives fury regen), and frenzy...which is already a great primary attack, but also gives a nice speed boost. Net result 65% speed boost that can be kept up constantly. 3x the speed boost of the monk.

Single target damage:

Barbarians ancients is WAY better then monks mystic companion vs single enemies. You don't have em out that long, but in the time they are out...they do WAY more damage. The monks mystic ally sticks around but has less single target dps by alot.

Base single target attacks are about even between barb and monk, but barb can boost them better with buffs like wrath of the berzerker which can improve the damage of all other abilities by 100% for it's duration.

AoE damage.

Not even a competiation here. Barbs Earthquake (especially after using wrath) damonates in AoE damage. Both have very useful genreal AoE attacks Fists of thunder and cleave...but cleave actually destroyed groups much faster after the first rune was socketed in the beta, it's probably going to stay the best rune as well. Monk just doesn't get any great large AoE abilities at all. Barb gets a decent amount.


It's not even close. In some weird cosmic twist the Barbarian can get a MUCH higher dodge (although only for a short time) then the monk. Just having warcry going though will pretty much equal out the barbarians dodge chance to the monk (and you can keep that up all the time). Again Wrath of the Berzerker with the striding giant rune can make your barbs dodge chance way higher. Meanwhile the barb has additional hp regen abilities, boosts to armor and resistance and has ignore pain which can reduce all damage taken by 65% for 7 seconds (Not sure if thats after resistances/armor is factored in or before..which makes a huge diff).

Monk gets Serenity (same basic effect as ignore pain but max length of 4 seconds), and a mantra as defense (if you go with a defensive mantra). Matra of healing adds to health regen per second, but it's small compared to what you can get from equipment (maxes at around 600 and eq can give 3k). In addition the barbarian passive that gives 1% max hp per second can give 500 hp regen a second if you bother boosting vitality (probably a good idea on a barb). Monks evasion mantra adds 15% dodge chance...but barbs get that just from using warcry with vetrans warning.

Net result:

Barbs are faster, deal more single target damage (over the short run), do way more AoE damage, have better defenses, better teleport like ability (leap doesn't need you to target an enemy to be used) and more options over all (waaay to many monk abilities taken up by mantras of which only 1 can be active).

Play a monk for theme. Barbarian wins in every other way.
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User Info: GogglesFrog

5 years ago#9
The monk is about dodging, healing himself actively, and other damage mitigation. Barbs, with their main attribute being strength gives them an edge over others in the armor department. They gain fury by being hit along with hitting and they have a couple passives that add more to armor. Barbs have aaaa lot of life leeching in their skills too

Same result, different play styles.
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User Info: AuraCeles

5 years ago#10
Monk will probably be the more flavorful option.
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