How many GB's is the full game?

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User Info: MI2Dragon

5 years ago#1
Also, are the Blizzard servers used for the digital download service decent?

User Info: Lucavi000

5 years ago#2
Yes they are decent and the folder on my PC is approx. 7.6 gigs.
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User Info: Clouded_Leopard

5 years ago#3
I heard 12 something gigs I think.
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The Steel Phantom 5 years ago#4
7.6 gigs, I have the download already on my desktop.
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User Info: chuparon

5 years ago#5
the download was 7.6gb, and it only took me an hour about a week ago
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User Info: Tulki

5 years ago#6
7.6 gigs + 100 MB day 1 patch, though that patch just might end up overwriting files from the original 7.6 gig download.
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User Info: Major Gamer

Major Gamer
5 years ago#7
The installer is 7.6GB. The game after installation will be larger than that.
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User Info: waijie

5 years ago#8
The downloads are 7.6GB, but I think after installation, it will be much larger than that, as install files should be compressed.

User Info: kingdrake2

5 years ago#9
8am is install time.
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User Info: Risingred

5 years ago#10
The servers are fine but the downloader is atrocious. I obviously can't link it here but I would suggest finding a torrent for it and using a torrent client over Blizzard's program.
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