Where do I enter my CD Key?

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User Info: ZenkiX

5 years ago#1
Sorry if a dumb question. When I launch the game, I was expecting a box asking for my key. But the game is running waiting for my log in. So what do I need to do when I have the physical copy of the game later tonight?
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User Info: LightHawKnight

5 years ago#2
If you do not have a battlenet account make one, if you do enter your CD key there.
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User Info: VixenofVenus

5 years ago#3
Go to Battle.Net
Log in with your BattleTag
Click on Games & Codes > Add or Upgrade a Game
Enter Code

Profit :P
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User Info: ZenkiX

5 years ago#4
Ah, I just found it. Thanks for the help!
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User Info: KejeLL

5 years ago#6
During the install the game will ask you to activate your copy, you'll then be redirected to battle.net and you'll have to enter your cd key and make a gamertag (only for physical copies). Digital purchases will have the cd-key automatically added to their account
Karmic Dragon2003 5 years ago#7
AyahRiven posted...
Send it to my e-mail address and I'll do it for you. Free of charge, mind you.

Don't do it, he's trying to hack your D3 CD key!
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