What is so great about diablo 3?

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User Info: bibliotheek357

5 years ago#1
I realize I'm throwing myself in front of a pack of hungry wolves just by the topic title alone, but I genuinely wanna know what people think is so great about this game. I watched some gameplay footage here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvaE8iPeKiE

The gameplay looks pretty old. I mean, there have existed many games where you hack and slash through a dungeon, get loot and equipment and work together with friends. What makes this game so special in your opinion? I can see some fun elements in this game, just nothing that sets it apart from some games that already existed.

User Info: NiftyManZ

5 years ago#2
You can say that about a lot of games. JRPG's, other ARPG's, Side scrollers, RTS's, FPS's, etc. etc. etc.

Personally, i have only played for about an hour (didn't get it installed on both mine and my wife's comp till 9:30 and we both have to work today), but i like the way they decided to do the leveling. Getting rid of trees is one thing i like.
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