How do damage and dps calculations work between dual-wield and 2H?

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  3. How do damage and dps calculations work between dual-wield and 2H?

User Info: Waste_0f_Space

5 years ago#1
I ask because all the 2 handers I have been finding barely have any more dps than a single one hander, let alone both together. I know that a slower weapon will cause your high damage/cost skills to hit harder, but not specifically how using one over the other alters overall dps for something like a monk.

User Info: TheWarhammeronl

5 years ago#2
It's an average of the two, if you are dual wielding.

Or so i have heard.
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User Info: Ruimound

5 years ago#3
Dual-wielding is pretty bad. There's typically little reason to do it. The damage output is averaged, so unless you have two weapons with the exact same DPS, one of them is going to be technically reduced. The only benefit to it is 15% attack speed, but that's pretty minor, all things considered. A shield would benefit you much more, and in the DH's case, a quiver, which already inherently gives at least 10% attack speed, is a better alternative in almost any case.

Dual-wielding looks awesome, but it's tragically pretty lame.

User Info: Aceviper

5 years ago#4
dual wield basically averages the stats between the two weapons and gives you a 15% aspd boost

basically, when to use 2H weapons is basically when you spec for huge damage, long cooldown skills (either by the innate cooldown, or resource limitations) 2H weapons usually have a much better attack damage stat (though dps shown should rival the 1h stuff)
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User Info: LorenaLarue

5 years ago#5
Well I'm pretty sure you get better attack speeds so if you're a monk then it would help with your overall DPS.

Plus you get the benefit of having 2 weapons that could potentially have 2 different bonuses and 2 sets of slots to put your gems in.

Like if you had a 2 handed weapon you could get a bonus to resource regeneration with it but you would only get that bonus once.

User Info: Waste_0f_Space

5 years ago#6
Ahh, thanks.
I like attacking quickly with my monk. It just feels better than taking really slow swings with a Diabo or something.

User Info: mistrfantasy

5 years ago#7
look at your dps with 1 weapon. THen look at it w/ 2. It's no average.

User Info: zeik56

5 years ago#8
The main advantage from my experience seems to be the inherent bonuses that you often only see on a weapon. Two good 1-handed weapons with slots have a high probability of doing superior damage if you fit them both with rubies.
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  3. How do damage and dps calculations work between dual-wield and 2H?

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