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Demon Hunter vs. Belial

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User Info: joeman2004

5 years ago#1
So I cannot defeat Belial no matter how much I try. The most I've got him down is 50% life. I think it might be partly attributed to my demon hunter build. Mind you this is my first playthrough on normal difficulty. So my build is around 119 dps, hp is around 800, and I'm currently level 25. I usually use hungering arrow, rapid fire, and vault to get out of sticky situations plus I have my Templar to heal. Anyone have some suggestions as to what I can do to help things along?
I beat him around that level with that much HP on my first attempt, although I used a decent number of health potions.

The key is to equip anything that increases your movement speed and health regen, and then run like crazy whenever you see those green circles appear on the floor as they deal the most damage during the fight.

Only take a few potshots at him when you're out of range of his attacks, and every so often a life orb will appear to give you a slight reprieve. Also, as far as I'm aware there is no way to avoid his area-wide breath attack, so just let yourself get damaged and quickly use a potion after that, it usually dealt around 250 damage to me although your mileage may vary.

Another thing, I'm not sure if this makes a difference but I was using Impale with stun as my secondary ability as I hadn't yet started experimenting with Rapid Shot, but if you find that it does more damage in the same amount of time, then stick with it.

And bring along your Templar if possible, his health regen ability (which affects you as well) really helps out in the long run.

User Info: fueled-system

5 years ago#3
Elemental Arrow with Ball Lightning is something that I would strongly recommend using on normal from now on, I easily killed Belial with it without even realizing it.(I was at nearly 500 damage)

Edit: if you only have less then 200 damage you should either buy some gear in the auction house or get some square emeralds for the everything besides helm/weapon slots since they only cost 3k or so right now

User Info: OutPhase

5 years ago#4
I think this was my build when I took down Belial.!bY!Zaaa.a

User Info: pyrosfury88

5 years ago#5
smoke screen with the lingering rune is ur friend on this battle when he uses that green aoe attack also having the sentry helps getting constant chip damage as you dodge his attacks.

User Info: Breaker Blade

Breaker Blade
5 years ago#6
Rapid Fire is not that good for the Belial fight, because you need to be moving around a lot - switch it out for a single shot hatred-spender. It is possible to avoid his breath attack: you need to be on the far right or the far left side of the platform. I also have to second the AH suggestion, because you can probably find some significant upgrades for dirt cheap.
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User Info: vageta31

5 years ago#7
I took down Belial last night with my DH on normal. I died the first time because I didn't realize those green blotches did so much damage. 2nd time he barely even did any damage to me.

No clue on my hps as I don't even pay attention yet(this was my 2nd death so far in total), but my damage was 220ish. I used hunger arrow and ball lightning then just vaulted anytime I was near the green goop. He went down very quickly. I was also using the Templar as well.

Just get your damage up using the AH. Not one drop have I gotten so far has been anywhere close to the damage of my weapon I got off of AH for extremely cheap. My weapon also have hate regeneration at something like .65 which helps since you can spam special attacks more often. Ball lightning is no joke damage wise.
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User Info: AnybodyN9NE

5 years ago#8
Use twin chakrams and smoke cloud trust me twin chakrams are beasty
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User Info: DoctorDoom80

5 years ago#9
OutPhase posted...
I think this was my build when I took down Belial.!bY!Zaaa.a

I used Shadow Power and Scattershot instead of Smoke Screen and Preparation, everything else was the same.
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