How do I dodge Belial's breath attack?

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  3. How do I dodge Belial's breath attack?

User Info: killa123145

5 years ago#1
I've tried standing in every corner of his platform and yet I get hit every time. Where am I supposed to stand to avoid this move?

User Info: SDR1845

5 years ago#2
Tell him to use some Scope???

User Info: mattdart

5 years ago#3
A barbarian can jump it. A wizard can teleport through it.

User Info: BDSM

5 years ago#4
Anyone can stand on the right side of the screen (the direction it starts from) and it misses if you are far enough over.
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User Info: dnd22

5 years ago#5
dh smoke screen of course

User Info: keniption

5 years ago#6
WD spiritwalk.
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User Info: FuryGhost

5 years ago#7
Serenity or Seven-Sided-Strike for Monk!

User Info: AloneWeStand

5 years ago#8
Stay in the bottom right corner

User Info: innocuoux

5 years ago#9
WD spirit walk, of course.
gt: innocuoux
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  3. How do I dodge Belial's breath attack?

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