Massive FPS Drops help please? :(

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User Info: ElmntDark

5 years ago#1
Hey all. There are probably a hundred posts about their computers and why it lags and all. But if anyone would like to shed some light on to helping my setup; which i think is fairly good then we will all be set!

I set both FPS settings to 200 in-game (Max Forground FPS / Max Background FPS)

And i have even tried the "Ambient Occlusion / Antialiasing - FXAA " (The latter was suggested from nVidia's website)

My setup is :
Intel Core i7 2600k @3.4GHZ
Diablo 3 installed on my 120gb SSD which is also where my windows 7 is installed to.
I've got the latest gpu drivers installed.

I notice the biggest fps drops during act 3 on the bridge where theres a TON of units on the field. My FPS goes from (100-200) straight to 3-10 FPS.

Thanks for all the help everyone, It is greatly appreciated

User Info: samurai1900

5 years ago#2
Try setting the affinity to two cores for DiabloIII.exe.

Worked wonders for me.
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User Info: deathtrooper31

5 years ago#3
Had the same happen to me with the new 300 Nvidia driver. Rolled back and it's gone!

User Info: ElmntDark

5 years ago#4
Samurai, i'll try googling that technique but i am unaware of how to do that at the moment.

and I've been on the 2xx driver but noticed the same thing too, so i upgraded to 300 drivers.!

Thanks tho!

User Info: Agent_12345

5 years ago#5
try doing this
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  3. Massive FPS Drops help please? :(

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