How do I use the Staff of Herding

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User Info: marcello

5 years ago#1
I've created it, I'm a Barb, but I can't equip it or figure out where or how to use it. Any help? Thanks!

User Info: Cool_Dude667

5 years ago#2
go talk to the cow king on old tristram road
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User Info: kyntrel

5 years ago#3
explore old tristram road for the ghost cow king talk to him... its near that red pit you may have noticed before
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User Info: OpShaft

5 years ago#4
Go to New Tristram Road and follow it until you find a big hole and the skeleton of a cow. The rest will be obvious
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User Info: Grimno

5 years ago#5
Go to Normal.

Go to the very beginning of act 1 where you have to kill the Mother's.

Run north of town, and follow the path.

You will pass a bit... there is a skeleton of a cow.

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User Info: marcello

5 years ago#6
Awesome, thank you all very much, I was able to find it. Man that is bright.
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  3. How do I use the Staff of Herding

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