What's the fastest way to level a fresh character?

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User Info: Over_9000_

5 years ago#1
As the topic says, I have a fresh level 9 - what's the fastest method of advancing him to nightmare to catch up with my main?

User Info: scrappybristol

5 years ago#2
Play the game?
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User Info: Cloud25

5 years ago#3
Just mow through everything... Normal is a cakewalk. You can get to Nightmare in no time.

User Info: keba-b

5 years ago#4
don't bother killing every little critter, just the bigger enemies - especially in the beginning, so you get to the good parts faster

User Info: vageta31

5 years ago#5
Twink him with a high dps weapon and some decent vit gear. If leveling is that important perhaps some items that boost exp?
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User Info: opfer_gv

5 years ago#6
Repeat easy to do quest.

User Info: squidney2k1

5 years ago#7
Don't kill/loot everything, kite enemies and head straight for the Elites/Bosses. Buy a super high damage weapon from the AH, throw a high-value Ruby into it, as well as into your Helm. Don't bother picking up any loot that isnt gold/rare/legendary.

It can be done in about 6-7 hours, and that's a moderate pace.
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  3. What's the fastest way to level a fresh character?

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