why is the witch doctor unpopular?

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User Info: ShadowSkill11

5 years ago#41
YuffieGVxx posted...
and it's super racist.

Explain how a benevolent witch doctor from the jungles is any more racist than a genius-level mystic asian person or a savage, viking-type nordic-ish barbarian.

No one complains about the other two. Why would you consider the WD racist?

Who said I didn't?

User Info: ShadowSkill11

5 years ago#42
Zikten posted...
you can tell it's a black voicing him. and obviously that actor didn't find it racist, or he wouldn't have taken the job

...it's A black? Where are you from Mitt Romney?

User Info: Zikten

5 years ago#43
sorry, that was a typo, swear to god

User Info: Reih

5 years ago#44
Any depiction of Teganze-Americans as anything but doctors (of the non-witch variety), lawyers, and college professors is racist. If you disagree, you are a racist.
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User Info: anime295

5 years ago#45
Pets' HP seemingly not scaling with equips turns people off. I am still leveling my lv47 WD, but I'm back to my lv60 Barb to farm.

User Info: xJehodx

5 years ago#46
Like with most classes, most of the abilities I want to try out are near the level 50 mark.
This makes me not want to play them.

Why didn't blizzard let us choose the run we want instead of force feeding us. Le sigh.
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User Info: YuffieGVxx

5 years ago#47
I wouldnt exactly call WD benevolent(throws spiders at your face then acid on you)

Fair enough.

Though seriously, Witch Doctors are probably the nicest, most gentle individuals to other people in the entire game. For a SPOOKY UNDEAD ACID HEXING SPIDER TOSSAN' class, their voice actors do a really lovely job of having them come across in an unexpected way. The female WD especially. And they're written as being exceptionally caring about other people. Unless you're a demon or your name is Maghda, that is. WD no likey Maghda, even moreso than the other characters.
what the ****
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User Info: Wolf_McWolf

5 years ago#48
I love the WD's personality. Wise old man with a deep connection to his spirituality. He's also the most congenial character. At the very least he's incredibly polite compared to the other classes. I plan to level mine after I finish getting my DH and Monk to 60 if I don't move my Monk to the backburner for him.
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User Info: maxpowr3

5 years ago#49
Robot2600 posted...
WD needs a lot of damage, but he's super powerful.

Honestly I just think he is more difficult to play, but probably the strongest in the end. Soul Siphon is also pretty amazing.

A good chunk of WDs fail at using spirit walk too (particularly in solo play) which is kind of sad.
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User Info: Foril89

5 years ago#50
Simple answer,

Learn how to play with and you will how strong he really is. People don't know how to play with the witch doctor and that's why he is underplayed.

Oh that and everyone thinks he is like the necromancer, summon and stand back while everything dies, Garg is the ONLY summon I use and that is only when I solo.
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