Having trouble with my monk in inferno (advice on gear/build)

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User Info: TheWarhammeronl

5 years ago#1
So I have a 60 monk, and I am having some trouble in act 1 in inferno, so I must be doing something wrong.

So i pretty much have two sets of armor, one with lots of Vit/Dex.

And one with a lots of Dex/Res

For here are my stats for my pure Dex/Res gear.

4.7k armor.
435 to all resists (unbuffed)
8.3k DPS
The bad part about this set is that I only have 550 vit (22k health)

Here is the Dex/Vit gear.
4.9k armor
252 to all res (unbuffed) The bad part because i have heard resistance is very important to inferno mode.
9.3k DPS
1000 vit (41k health)

My weapon is a 750 dps weapon with no stats except a critical hit multiplier, and a shield with high Vit and Dex.

This is my build at the moment.

I think my stats are okay, at least for act one, so I am guessing it's my build.

I can't find any other build discussions out there that are post "nerf".

"Your opinion doesn't matter unless you support it with ACTUAL facts" Mr.Hoshaw 10th grade English teacher

User Info: TheWarhammeronl

5 years ago#2
I have also mixed the two sets for some decent res (370) and decent Vit (34k health)
"Your opinion doesn't matter unless you support it with ACTUAL facts" Mr.Hoshaw 10th grade English teacher

User Info: YuffieGVxx

5 years ago#3
Don't worry too much about it until 1.0.3.
what the ****
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User Info: DisgaeaNoob

5 years ago#4
to survive from my experience u need one of the following..

500 AR


1700 dex
and the dodge mantra on.

User Info: Loths11

5 years ago#5
Change your talents around? Go less for the dps and pick up talents that will allow you to survive. You have 2 main attack abilities, that is a waste. I took the teleport talent on the left mouse button so I can get out of bad situations fast. Also take the talent that makes you imune for 3 seconds, saved my life countless times.

For my character I have only 1 dps ability right now which is crippling wave with mangle. Everything else is to help me survive.

Just a thought, play with it and see if it helps.

User Info: TheWarhammeronl

5 years ago#6
so more like this? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WdXYgh!ZUX!ZbZaaa

I can see how i could probably live longer, but i would do so little dmg.
"Your opinion doesn't matter unless you support it with ACTUAL facts" Mr.Hoshaw 10th grade English teacher

User Info: cimoa

5 years ago#7
here's mine, i'm at act 2 inferno right now and dual wielding

HP 44k
damage 9.3k
resist lowest 317
resist highest 372
def 3.2k
dodge chance 33% without buff or FoT

serenity is the key to the survival of inferno, its a must have skill on monk, 3 secs of invulnerability, nuff said if you're surrounded by enemies, use heal, with the fear rune, you will get enough time to breath or healing your self and also makes you reduce the cooldown of your other skills ( serenity, blind )

dodging is optional, if you want, you can change FoT with Crippling wave with Concussion rune and change the passive into like chant of resonance or one with everything

the reason i didn't use one with everything in passive is because i have a lot of +all resist gear, and boosted me around 300ish each, so i don't really need the one with everything

if you need one with everything, that means your character is not ready to move to inferno farm for better equips on hell or buy some in AH, the cheap one if you know how to use it properly.

how big your resistance doesn't mean you get more survivability, you will still get hit and get hit HARD

yes you need resist, but its not too important in act 1 or 2, not yet
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User Info: jmic613

5 years ago#8
I pretty much walk through act1 inferno...can get 5 stacks neph and do warden/butcher runs without dying once..

My gear gives me over 1100 dex and vitality. Stats:

13k dps(unbuffed)
37k health
385 res all (57% reduced)
4000 armor

I don't know if gear is your issue - I think you can use a much more effective build. Ill show you what I use with some explanation.


Crippling Wave - great for clearing
Deadly Reach - gives all your abilities +DPS, gives you more spirit than crippling wave will, and allows you to attack plagued and/or other dangerous elite packs from a distance without getting hit by their elemental damage
Serenity - Makes you invulnerable and heals you
Breath of Heaven - also increases DPS and heals you, stacked with the bonus dps from deadly reach it should increase your damage by like 3k.
SSS - makes you untargettable for a few seconds, does massive damage and gives time for you other heals to come off cooldown in bad situations. Also, a great way to dodge freezes/jails etc.
Mantra of Healing - the resistance buff is huge , life regen is nice as well

For the passives, the armor buff is pretty necessary imo, the cdr lets you heal a second or two earlier (which will save your ass many times), and the resistance is too good to pass up.

User Info: GuyIncognito_

5 years ago#9
I reached Act II in Inferno...I've been using the following combo vs elite mobs: serenity then fists of thunder + thunderclap and then blinding flash and eventually run away. Rinse and repeat.
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aYXgjQ!YUX!aabYcc (mantra of healing is mainly for the resistance buff)
I finished Act I with 38k health, 516 res and 10.5k damage (all unbuffed). Still working on better gear... :/
psn: d-guyincognito-b
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