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User Info: ChocoboMog123

5 years ago#1
I heard my account isn't secure, is this true?
I cannot possibly answer this question for you. If you're worried about your account, I suggest you have a strong password, use active anti-virus software, and get an authenticator:

Is there anything I should know when I start the game?
- Open your options and turn on Elective Mode. This allows you to place any skill in any skill slot, so you may use multiples from the same category.
- Turn on advanced tooltips. This lets you better compare the damage or effects between skills.

Should I use a 2H, dual-wield, or 1H + off-hand?
The benefit of using a two-handed weapon is that you deal more damage per resource used. Some builds need this to perform well, but for more information I suggest you look up a class specific guide.

Dual-wielding works in a way that is not intuitive. The damage and attack speed of your skills will be an average of your weapons. You also gain a 15% attack speed increase for dual wielding. This means you have a 2H that's 15% better than the average of your two 1H's, the 2H will do better DPS. Also, if one of your 1H's is 15% better than the other, you are better off just using that 1H and an off-hand.

How do the difficulties work?
You start with Normal mode.
Nightmare opens when you beat Normal.
Hell opens when you're level 50 and have beaten Nightmare.
Inferno opens when you're level 60 and have beaten Hell.

You unlock Hardcore mode once one character has reached level 10.

What's the point of Hardcore mode?
Besides a few extra achievements, it has a seperate auction house. But, mainly, it's just an extra way for people to challenge themselves.

Is there a secret cow level?
There is no secret cow level.

But, there is a secret level.
In any order,
- Obtain the Plans: Staff of Herding. It's a random drop off Izual, the boss you fight before the Diablo. The quest for Izual is "Prime Evil". Give this to Haedrig.
- Obtain the Black Mushroom. It has a chance to spawn in Cathedral level 1 of Act I. It looks like a mushroom on the ground.
- Obtain Leoric's Shinbone. It's found in Leoric's Manor in Act I. Just use the waypoint and run back a bit to a room with a fireplace. If you can click on Burning Logs, you've found it.
- Obtain Wirt's Bell. This is sold during Act II by Squirt for 100,000 gold. Pony up the cash.
- Obtain Liquid Rainbow. This is found in Dahlgur Oasis in Act II. Use the "Path to the Oasis" waypoint and look for a man named Zaven the Alchemist, who has a chance to randomly spawn. Help him out and he'll open the Mysterious Cave. Inside, you may find the Mysterious Chest (it also has a chance to spawn, randomly) - THIS IS NOT A RESPLENDENT CHEST. If you find the chest, you'll have yourself some Liquid Rainbow.
- Obtain the Giberring Gemstone. This is found in Act III, dropped by Chiltara (randomly spawning unique mob; run all around, she's often burrowed underground) who spawns in the Caverns of Frost (randomly spawning dungeon) in the Fields of Slaughter.

Once you have all the items, make the Staff of Herding. It costs 50,000g to make, but you only need to pay the price once to use it as many times as you'd like. This lets you use it on Normal difficulty. To use it on higher difficulties, you must upgrade it by buying the proper plans for 1g. They are sold by the merchant that stands near your followers, but he will only have the plans during the last quest of Act IV in the respective difficulty. Then, to upgrade the staff, it costs 200,000g for Nightmare, 500,000g for Hell, and 1,000,000 for Inferno.
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User Info: ChocoboMog123

5 years ago#2
How much should I sell this for?
Just check similar items. You can refine your auction search to look for, say, items with at least 100 Int and 50 MF.

What's better, Str/Dex/Int or +damage? Which of these items is better?
The answer depends entirely on your current stats.
A Barbarian with 0 Strength finds two weapons. One has 100 DPS and 100 Str, the other has 200 DPS and 0 Str. To him, these are equal. 100 Str gives (1+100/100) = 2 times the amount of damage.
Another Barbarian with 500 Strength finds those same two weapons. The first weapon will give 100 DPS * (1+600/100) = 700 DPS, the second will give 200 * (1+500/100) = 1200 DPS. The second weapon is clearly better for him.
If you don't want to do the math yourself, you can use this spreadsheet:

Stats -
- Boosts all damage for Barbarians by 1% per point. All classes gain 1 Armor per Strength.
Dexterity - Boosts all damage for Demon Hunters and Monks by 1% per point. All classes gain Dodge from Dexterity. It does not increase your chance to block.
Intelligence - Boosts all damage for Wizards and Witch Doctors by 1% per point. All classes gain .1 to all resistances (this means ALL damage, including physical) per Intelligence(this is comparable to 1 point of Armor). It does not increase your Mana pool.
Vitality - Vitality gives all classes HP. It starts at 10 HP per point and increases by 1 HP per point after level 35. By level 60, you gain 35 HP per Vitality.

Monks and Barbarians have a free passive 30% damage reduction.

Armor - Armor reduces damage from ALL sources. The damage reduction can be found with the following formula:
Damage reduction = Armor/(Armor + 50*Monster_Level)
This means you take less damage from lower level monsters and more from higher level ones. If you know a bit about math, you might say, "This formula shows that Armor has Diminishing Returns, so the more you stack it, the less important it becomes." This is NOT true. Armor does NOT have Diminishing Returns.
The formula for the damage reduction multiplier is simple: 1 - damage reduction %
Simplified, that's: (50*Monster_Level)/(Armor + 50*Monster_Level)
This looks like it's clearly diminishing, and the amount of reduction you gain per point of Armor does diminish, but increase in the amount of damage it takes to kill you, or "Effective HP", remains constant, it scales linearly.
The EHP multiplier per point of Armor is: 1/damage reduction % = 1/(1-(Armor/(Armor + 50*Moster_Level))) = (1/(50*Monster_Level))*Armor + 1
As you can see, that's just a simple linear equation.

Resistances - Resistances work in the exact same way as Armor does. In fact, 1 point of Intelligence is equivalent to 1 point of Armor, all else equal. There are stats on some gear that increases a specific resistance or increases all resistances, these stats are 10 times as effective as Intelligence (and, therefore, Armor).

Important note on damage taken: Resistance and Armor stack multiplicatively. If you have 30% damage reduction from Armor and 20% reduction from your resistances, that's not 50%. That's 1-((1-.3)*(1-.2))=44% damage reduction. That means an attack that would normally hit you for 100 damage would instead hit you for 56 damage.

Dodge -
The amount of Dodge you gain is determined in the following manner:
Dex Range - Dodge% per Dex - Total from Range
0 - 100 --------------- 0.1 -------------------- 10%
100 - 500 ---------- 0.025 ------------------ 10%
500 - 1000 --------- 0.02 ------------------- 10%
1000 - 8000 -------- 0.01 ------------------ 70%
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User Info: ChocoboMog123

5 years ago#3
These ranges do add up additively. If you have 500 Dexterity, that's a 20% chance to dodge attacks. However, other sources of Dodge stack multiplicatively. If you have a passive that gives you an extra 20% chance to dodge and you've already got 20% chance to dodge from Dexterity, that's a 36% chance to dodge hits.
Important note: You can dodge almost EVERYTHING. Fire breaths, traps on the ground, spinning laser beams, almost everything in the game is dodgeable.

Shields have an innate chance to block and amount that they block. These cannot be changed by other stats. The amount of damage absorbed by a block is applied after all other damage reduction, which makes blocking more powerful based on your damage reduction (Armor, resistances, passives, et cetera).

Weapon Damage - I am making a distinction here between "Damage", "Weapon DPS", and "Weapon Damage". If you read each one, you will see why. Weapon Damage is the amount of damage your skills will do. This affects ALL sources of damage: pets, spells, melee swings, and dots. The higher your weapon damage, the more damage you will do per hit. This is not necessarily true with the other stats mentioned above. To check the damage an ability will hit for, just multiply the amount of Weapon Damage it hits for by any multipliers (usually Int/Str/Dex). If a Witch Doctor with 100 Int casts Dire Bats that hit for 220% Weapon Damage, it takes the damage range on the weapon, multiplies it by 2, and deals that damage to enemies it hits.

Weapon DPS - This is a pretty simple stat, but has a lot that affects it. This stat is simply a weapon's damage range, plus any additional damage modifiers on the weapon, times its rate of attack. Since it accounts for attack speed, higher weapon DPS is not always better than higher weapon damage. A slow 2H that deals 100-200 damage with a 1.0 attack speed will hit harder than a fast 1H with 50-75 damage and a 2.0 attack speed. The 1H can get out more attacks, faster, but uses more resources in doing so. In addition, dots without a CD and any skill with a CD benefit more from higher damage than higher weapon DPS, since the increase in attack speed will not increase their overall damage over time.

Damage - This is the stat displayed on your character sheet. It takes into consideration many things that affect your overall DPS. This stat does NOT accurately reflect the damage your skills will do, but it does approximate the amount of DPS you will do relative to other players of your class. A higher damage stat is not always better for your damage, depending on your class and build. The formula for this is:
(average weapon damage + any damage bonuses)(1 + primary_stat/100)(1 + (crit% * crit_damage)(Attack Speed) * (1 + additional passive bonuses) * (1 + additional passive bonuses) * ...
Average weapon damage is just the damage range of your weapon, plus any bonuses, divided by 2.
Crit% is your crit rate.
Crit_damage is the damage bonus from a crititcal hit.
"Additional passive bonuses" are often passives that increase your damage by a fixed percentage. For examble, the Witch Doctor passive "Pierce the Veil" increases all damage by 20%.

Life on Hit - This stat does what it says, sort of. Most skills/runes have a modifier that affects the percentage of "Life on Hit" you receive per hit. For example, if a skill hits 3 times, each hit may add 33% of your total Life on Hit. An AOE attack may add 50% of your Life on Hit, such that hitting 3 or more targets gives you more Life than a single-target skill would.
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User Info: ChocoboMog123

5 years ago#5
%damage to Life - This does just what it says, but is reduced by a percentage based on your difficulty.
Difficulty - Lifesteal
Normal - 100%
Nightmare - 70%
Hell - 40%
Inferno - 20%
This means if you have 5% damage to life, in Inferno you'd have only 1% lifesteal.

Important note: Because of the way these stats work, by Inferno you'd need a HUGE amount of damage to make Lifesteal (%damage to life) equivalent to Life on Hit.
"You're sorely underestimating the power of nostalgia goggles." - adjl

User Info: Final_Deception

5 years ago#6
looks good, nice info.

User Info: ChocoboMog123

5 years ago#7
Thanks, I tried to get all the common questions and basic information I could think of. Now that I look back at it, maybe I should have made the damage section into the form of an answer, so that it looks more important. Anyway, I just wanted to try to clear up some of the those "which weapon is better" topics and figured I might as well add some real info while I was at it.
"You're sorely underestimating the power of nostalgia goggles." - adjl

User Info: UNSC_A98

5 years ago#8
dont barbs and monks have a innate dmg reduction?
Till All Are One.

User Info: Ruimound

5 years ago#9
Sticky requested. Great information, thanks. Totally did not know that 1 point of Intelligence = 1 point of Armor; in that case, wouldn't Intelligence be the absolute best stat to build, all things considered? This seems to give an unfair advantage to Wizards and Witch Doctors.
If you have to ask, you're streets behind.

User Info: ChocoboMog123

5 years ago#10
UNSC_A98 posted...
dont barbs and monks have a innate dmg reduction?

Added, thanks.

Ruimound posted...
Sticky requested. Great information, thanks. Totally did not know that 1 point of Intelligence = 1 point of Armor; in that case, wouldn't Intelligence be the absolute best stat to build, all things considered? This seems to give an unfair advantage to Wizards and Witch Doctors.

Barbarians get "free" armor from Strength and Monks and Demon Hunters get "free" Dodge from Dexterity. Besides, considering how the game is balanced, it really doesn't make too much of a difference. You either survive hits, or you don't. A glass cannon WD would rather 15% free dodge than 15% damage reduction, but he usually doesn't get that choice.
"You're sorely underestimating the power of nostalgia goggles." - adjl
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