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User Info: my_name_is_Ed

5 years ago#41
Poorly formated, no ToC, not even an introduction or explanation as to what it addresses. It seems you just thought of a bunch of questions that may or may not be common and answered them with little effort, except for the stats section. This really just seems more of a "D3 stats explained" guide.

Sorry, but I'm requesting for unsticky.
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User Info: ZAFDeltaForce

5 years ago#42
So since damage reduction from armour does not plateau with increase, is it more favourable for a Barbarian to pump arrmour or resistance?

User Info: WimpyWeaksauce

5 years ago#43
This topic is great, but you made slower weapons look strictly better than fast ones. Faster weapons provide more maneuverability, which is important for kiting. So it really depends on your build. For example, a wizard that uses Blizzard+Piercing Orb would probably want a slow weapon, but a wizard with just Piercing Orb wants a fast weapon. Also, fast weapons trigger procs more often, including ones that generate resources. Attack speed on armor is always good, though.

Oh, you forgot to mention the "Increases attack speed" bug. I know that's getting fixed, but it could be a while.

User Info: MusicMan

5 years ago#44
Well, personally TC, I think you're rather sexy.

User Info: v3007

5 years ago#45
very nice post

you win one (1) internet cookie
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User Info: ShadowZeroPD

5 years ago#46
Solid topic, you have my thanks.
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User Info: SexualPizza

5 years ago#47
A lot of this is news to me. Thanks OP.
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User Info: blueking

5 years ago#48
Very nice. Thanks TC

User Info: GregHuffman

5 years ago#49
I like crepes
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User Info: mavericace

5 years ago#50
"Not Ghaleon dear Quark, Magic Emperor Ghaleon Ha Ha Ha!!!" (from Lunar)
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