+damage mods on weapons?

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User Info: dan2655

5 years ago#1
Hi there. I'm curious of weapons with + percent damage is calculated before or after the DPS?

For example:

Weapon with 100 DPS with +25% damage. Is the DPS 100 or is it 125?


User Info: Timbermaw

5 years ago#2
before dps
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User Info: Xeno_Predator

5 years ago#3
The DPS shown in the inventory is final i.e. if it says 100 then it is 100. I'm not sure if elemental damage is factored in although I don't think so.
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User Info: TigerClawDude

5 years ago#4
DPS is the total amount of all modifiers

User Info: TigerClawDude

5 years ago#5
One thing I've seen though, is that on the AH, Ruby-socketed weapons do not display the buffed DPS from the ruby, but will raise up on the DPS filter to the point where their DPS would be.

Always found that odd.

User Info: anime295

5 years ago#6
Every mod that affects damage is shown in the DPS display of the weapon except the main stat damage increase because it depends on your overall main stat.
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