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User Info: Warfriends

5 years ago#1
Hey guys, Im not very tech savvy, and i was just wondering if you kind sirs would help me?
I click on D3, it begins to up date for a few seconds, and then this message pops up:

ERROR: The file "C:\Program Files/Diablo III\Updates\d3-0-9950-Win-final.MPQ" appears to be corrupt. You may need to download this file again.

To I obviously need to re-download a certain file, but i dont particularly know how to do this...
help is greatly appreciated!
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User Info: eternalshades

5 years ago#2
I suggest simply uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

User Info: Nasurin

5 years ago#3
Don't need to uninstall, just go into that folder and delete the files in there (for me, I had 4 Win-Final.MPQ) than restard the launcher.
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