What is a Witch Doctor's best attack?

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User Info: BlackBeetleborg

5 years ago#1
I'm currently using the first rune of Poison Darts. It seems to work really well, and I've been using it since I got it, up to this moment during Nightmare Mode. For those who don't remember, this rune shoots three darts, doing 60% weapon damage as poison, per dart.

What I want to know is, what is the best attack that I can use to help me the most with all types of enemies?

I tried the exploding frogs one, but that wasn't too good.
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User Info: Ghidoran

5 years ago#2
Poison Darts with 1st rune, Zombie Charger with Zombie Bears, Firebats with Dire Bats are the most popular.

I personally like Firebomb with 1st rune, been using it to moderate success in Inferno, but I haven't seen anyone else endorse it :S
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User Info: Kahblammo

5 years ago#3
I use exploding frogs. I don't like poison dart, it feels like a gimped hungering arrow.

User Info: BlackBeetleborg

5 years ago#4
Yeah I've tried the fire bombs out a few times, but it really stinks for single target damage.
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User Info: ShinesmanOW

5 years ago#5
Dire Bats is probably the most common choice. It has good range, good damage, and doesn't cost ridiculous mana. It is, however, kind of wonky with the aim and is pretty much only good against groups.

Rain of Toads is nice, acid cloud is nice (just not spam-friendly), zombie charger dog and bear runes are good with the right situations.

The leaping spiders aren't shabby, but they're not impressive and I prefer thupthupthup.

There isn't really a "best." Splinters and Dire Bats are the standard tools of the trade, for what that's worth.

User Info: DemosKonrad

5 years ago#6
"Best" is subjective since it is going to largely depend on the scenario. In general, against normal mobs in normal and nightmare mode all you want to do is rush into the fray and use Soul Harvest while spamming Acid Rain. Everything around you will die pretty instantly.

in Hell+ (and with certain Nightmare champions/elites/bosses) this is NOT advisable though. You will want to use a combination of Spirit Walk (with Honored Guest for mana regen), Dire Bats for damage, and Grasp of the Dead to keep enemies away from you while spamming Splintered Darts since it is virtually mana free.
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User Info: mimicsoft

5 years ago#7
I go Firebomb + 1st (switch to 3rd rune for single boss) rune mouse1 and acid rain/rain of frog for 2nd.
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User Info: Avulus

5 years ago#8
Poison Darts splinters. Supplemented with Haunt for DoT.

If you're having trouble with packs of monsters, control them with Wall of Zombies Barricade and Grasp of the Dead Unbreakable Grasp, and you're all set.

User Info: Death Durron

Death Durron
5 years ago#9
The Fire Bomb skill with the rune that makes it bounce to multiple target is almost like a fire-n-forget skill. My minions hold off the enemy while the multiple bouncing eventually kills the horde of monsters I encounter.
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User Info: TychusFindlee

5 years ago#10
I'm in hell mode act III right now, and using firebomb with the +2 bounces rune and fire bats(dire bats) as secondary, with hex(jinx), spirit walk(jaunt), fetish army(reduced cooldown rune), and gargantuan(restless giant rune). Kicking a** and chewing bubblegum w/ this build
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