Best farm spot inferno act 1?

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User Info: krismagus

5 years ago#1
Getting stomped on act 2, going to farm act 1. Best checkpoint to farm at?
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User Info: DahlVaughnni

5 years ago#2
I usually start at the beginning of the black king quest and just finish the entire act from there... It doesn't feel like farming and grinding when you go through the whole act. There might be a path that's slightly better and more efficient, but isn't it better to enjoy yourself while you play and not worry about the drops?

I just play through the act like normal as though I'm taking a character through it, and I just happen to end up with a few hundred thousand gold more than when I started, and sometimes a decent drop or two.
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User Info: Koric84

5 years ago#3
Do Butcher runs. Take the graveyard or Leoric's passage waypoint to build NV stacks. 3-4 is good because you'll run in to at least 1 rare/elite pack on the way down to Butcher's chamber.
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User Info: WalkingLobsters

5 years ago#4
u should do act 3 tower of the cursed trick, if you have a ranged character, you won't die.

Act 1 inferno drops crappy gear in general
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