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User Info: neovain5

5 years ago#1
These details where leaked by an insider from Blizzard and as such are not confirmable officially yet... nevertheless here are some details from the current build (still a work in progress and these numbers are just preliminary, might be changed before release)

New Class: Knight.

The knight is a defensive class specializing in shields and heavy armors. He will look similar to the Paladin from Diablo 2 but more bulky, and with "shiny armor" graphics and lots of defensive as well as offensive skills.

Valor is the resource for the knight, and is similar to the barbarian resource, except it regenerates while OUT of battle at a slow rate and a faster rate when TAKING hits.

Skilll samples:

Some passives: Shield mastery: Doubles the Block rate and Block amount of equipped shield and halves it´s durability loss. Armor Mastery: Increases armor by 50% and gives you 10% reduced damage from both ranged and melee attacks.

Some actives:

Shield bash: pushes back all mobs directly in front of you 10 yards, and stuns them for 3 seconds. Also inflicts 150% weapon damage.(no cooldown, uses 10 valor each use.)

Zeal: Similar to the Paladin Zeal. Output 5 hits in rapid succession evenly distributed at all surrounding mobs. This skill hits REALLY fast, faster than barbarian frenzy maxed even, and each hit deals 90% weapon damage. Drawback: cannot be canceled mid-strike.

Righteous Strike: hit for 140% weapon damage, increased by 1% for each % of health the enemy is missing. So if a mob is missing 50% health, the strike will hit for 190% damage.

Shield guard: This is a stance. Only usable when a shield is equipped. The Knight will raise his shield in front of him and move and attack slower, but will deflect all ranged attacks and gain a 20% increase to his block rate for 10 seconds. 20 sec cooldown.

Various other changes to the game planned:
One extra stash tab for anyone registering the expansion to their account, another skill slot (active skill), level 80 will be the new max level (with new skills for all the existing classes up to level 80), and of course the new act, which will be about malphaels corruption by diablo, where malphael will be the final boss. (This act will have a new town unlike act 4).

User Info: Slayn

5 years ago#2
Are there any important features added to the RMAH?

User Info: neovain5

5 years ago#3
RMAH changes will happen continiously and not be exclusive to the expansion. Upcoming changes in the near future which are planned: Another searchable stat field, and more deeper sorting capabilities (so you can sort on more than dps and armor, example: Int, Vit etc as well, descending or ascending)

User Info: rockman11_z

5 years ago#4
Odd question but will they add offline mode on the next expansion?
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User Info: iohc

5 years ago#5
New Class: Knight.

Stopped reading there.
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User Info: GogglesFrog

5 years ago#6
Source? I refuse to accept your word of mouth (especially since we have actual confirmation of wilson stating no plans to raise level cap)
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User Info: Smishhh

5 years ago#7
Malthael being the main focus of the expansion seems pretty obvious to anyone who was paying attention to the story and lore. Overall it these things seem to be plausible things they would add, but you haven't given it any credibility past that.

Knight sounds cool but they would need to make the barb a better dps if someone was to be a true tank better than him.

User Info: Ixtllton

5 years ago#8
Did you steal this Knight abilities from the upcoming Lineage game that will actually be a good game, compared to D3.

User Info: SlinksAndGuns

5 years ago#9
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...Seems legit

User Info: J Nice

J Nice
5 years ago#10
My friend works at blizzard and he said the new class would be the Witch Doctor from beta.
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