Armor VS Resist All

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User Info: Smokey_MacPot

5 years ago#1
The tooltip for armor says "Reduces all damage from enemies the same level as you by XX.XX%". All Resist does pretty much the same thing, so what's the difference?
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User Info: soma2035

5 years ago#2
There is none. I believe Resists are worth 10x Armor per point, so 1000 Armor and 0 resists has the same effect as 0 Armor and 100 All Resists. Armor is just more universal in that all armor pieces carry some, while resists are more specialized (various elements, large chunks of it at a time but none that's inherent/guaranteed on armor). And of course some skills and stuff affect them differently.
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User Info: Pijinz

5 years ago#3
No real difference in how you put it. You get the benefit of both. With the way they stack you're always going to be better off having some of each rather than stacking just the one. You want your resists at about 1/10th of your armour, so for instance if you've got 9000 armour you'd want about 900 resists. That won't always be possible with the gear you find, but it gives you an idea of what to look out for in upgrades.

User Info: Morgasaurus

5 years ago#4
The above posters are right, but it also depends on the character and the skills you're using.

For example a monk using Deadly Reach Keen Eye and Mantra of Evasion Hard Target gets more out of 10 armor than 1 all resist.

If the monk ditches Deadly Reach for Fist of Thunder and uses Mantra of Healing Time of Need instead, then they get more out of the 1 resist.

Your EHP scales linearly with both. They don't have diminishing returns even though it may seem like they do because of how the percentage of damage reduction scales.
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User Info: kuroakamon

5 years ago#5
i'm a barb in inferno now..
currently my bracers are like 30 res all, 400 armor. found a pair that are 50 res all, 200 armor-ish.

all numbers. are estimates.. is there a big trade off? cause it's pretty much 20 res all vs 200 armour.

other stats aren't that important. i do trade arcane res (curent) for poison res (new).
i'm inclined to stick with the ones i have right now.

and just fyr, my current res are kinda low 300 - 400, and armor is close to 9k.

User Info: aleksazen

5 years ago#6
for barbs focus on all resist because with the two armor passives youll be over 9k most of the time and past that diminishing returns are really bad
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User Info: kuroakamon

5 years ago#7
so you'd suggest to switch to the new bracers for the extra 20 res all?
in the meantime, i'm farming to get better gear and will mainly be looking for res all

thanks for the tip!
yah, using all armor / defensive passives

User Info: jivebeaver

5 years ago#8
on a barb id maybe take more resist in place of armor cuz war cry gives +50% resists and only +20% armor so resists get you more

User Info: Morgasaurus

5 years ago#9
What I would suggest is that all upgrades should cause an increase in both armor AND all res. That is, when you're looking to upgrade all res, don't buy an item with a LOWER item level than what you're wearing (unless there's a nice +armor mod on it to compensate). As long as you strictly increase the item levels on pieces as you can afford it, the armor stat will take care of itself. In the long term you should shoot for full 63 (excepting rings/amy) where each piece has all res. on it. For rings/amy try for LOH. A crappy Bul Kathos is a cheap way to get started on that. The shield should be the FIRST thing you get to 63 (if you choose to wear one). Go for high block %/block amount too as you can afford it.

Also be mindful that physical resist is generally more important than all of the others. You can largely avoid non-physical damage, so for a tanking suit str/vit/phys/allres is ideal. Fire and poison would be second to physical. Fire is good against the molten/fire chains mobs and poison is good for plagued. Electrified mobs are not quite as big of a deal in this game, arcane damage can be mostly avoided, and you should be able to avoid frozen orbs by timing your leaps or running.
"For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? ..."
- Matthew 16:26
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