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User Info: lamedude45

5 years ago#1

just hit level 60 with my demon hunter and am entering inferno... i do about 37K dps, but am still using my lvl 44 armor, which is your standard 3 socket affair full of emeralds. what stats should i be looking for in a new lvl 60 cloak? i have about 1500 dex, 519 vit, and 36 disc.

I'm so bored, probably.

User Info: falayyou01

5 years ago#2
Ideally you'd want a cloak with 3 sockets, dex of above 150, vitality and dex, and allres, and, most importantly, a max Dsc boost of 8-10. However that will likely cost upwards of a few million. In the interim , focus on getting a cloak with decent dex, vit and Dsc so you can use SS three time in a row. Hope this helped.
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