How many Square gems to craft a Radiant Star

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User Info: Aileranea

5 years ago#1
I want to craft an Amethyst Radiant Star on Hardcore and I want to know how many square gems I need.

Does anyone know where you can look up this information?

Also interested to know the craft price and crafting materials.
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User Info: MTGxerxes

5 years ago#2
Numerous threads where people have done the math. I THINK it was like 736 Flawless squares to make one radiant star?

With the materials being insane and the plans themselves expensive as heck, you're probably much better off just buying Stars and rolling with it.
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User Info: xorlan

5 years ago#3

User Info: YouStillHateMe

5 years ago#4
You need plans for the flawless and perfect stars first.
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User Info: omanojyaku

5 years ago#5
Either I am missing something, or there is a much easier way.

Do you want to actually FIND all the gems?

If not, just buy the recipe and the mats. You will pay overhead, but save time.

Actually, you would save millions since you would have to buy the other two recipes, too.

If you plan on finding everything, you may have this done by 2015.
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