Drop rate for blacksmith and gem plans?

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User Info: member1982

5 years ago#1
I haven't found a single one in my 220 hours of gameplay apart from Staff of Herding, which Acts do they usually drop in inferno? have been farming Act I, and can't do Act II at all with my DH. And other difficulties have plans too right?
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User Info: xR4zorwirex

5 years ago#2
I also have never found a single one, I'm at about 180hours right now. I've also only ever found 2 Legendaries, both below lvl 30 items.

User Info: Gradieus

5 years ago#3
Friend of mine found a legendary plan in Act 2 inferno, sold it for 8 million.

User Info: TemplariShadow

5 years ago#4
Found... 3 plans. All Exalted 4-affixes. And 3 Legendaries Total play time on all characters is probably close to 250-275 hours. But all the finds were on my DH who's sitting on 180ish.

Last I checked Blacksmith/Jeweler plans are supposed to drop like ilvl 60+ items right? Late late Hell and all of Inferno.

User Info: Nytegard

5 years ago#5
I've found countless 4 attrib plans, 1 legendary plan, about 12 exalted fine, and 1 grand exalted. All of them came in inferno. The 4 attrib plans I've found in every act. The legendary I found in act 2. the exalted fine came in acts 2-4, and the grand exalted dropped in act 3. I've never seen a 5+ attrib plan drop in act 1 in all my time farming it, but you never know. I've heard people claim they've gotten exalted grand patterns in Act 1. And I've never seen a gem plan drop.

I am sort of disappointed I learned the legendary pattern, as that plan was going for like 12 million on the AH, and when I saw what the actual item went for on the AH, it certainly wasn't worth learning.
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  3. Drop rate for blacksmith and gem plans?

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