Did they hotfix the Watchtower?

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  3. Did they hotfix the Watchtower?

User Info: Timmotheuss

5 years ago#1
Tried 10 times to find it, never spawned. Usually shows up within 2-3 attempts.
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User Info: LockeDaemonfire

5 years ago#2
Probably just a string of bad luck, as far as I can tell. The Watchtower is pretty variable, both in appearance and in number of packs. Sometimes I get like 6, sometimes none at all.

User Info: awwwSNAP

5 years ago#3
If they did it was awhile ago because I've definitely had 10+ tries and no success before, and I haven't played in a few days. Then when it does show up I rarely get more than a pack or two

User Info: dley101

5 years ago#4
got it 2 out of 3 times, just now.
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User Info: Lordaeron86

5 years ago#5
Stop making these stupid conspiracy topics. You people haven't the slightest clue about statistics or probability.
"To be absolutely certain about something, one must know everything or nothing about it."

User Info: Hanzou74

5 years ago#6
Watch Tower is fine, they haven't done anything to it. It's my first stop if i farm act 1, sometimes it just takes a few tries.

Of course, it's still random how many packs are inside. Nothing says disappointment like finding none at all. And nothing says disco like 2 packs simultaneously with arcane enchantment.
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  3. Did they hotfix the Watchtower?

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