What Monster Power Level are you at?

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User Info: tri sapphire

tri sapphire
5 years ago#11
Sadly, I think MP1 is going to be the most efficient for me. Might try 2 to see if it's that big a jump, but my monk could barely handle act 3 during 1.04 (although act 2 was a joke with me one shotting elites/champs).

I think I need more dps (at 37k right now). Might be time to give in and start stacking crit chance and damage.


Turns out MP2 is still rather good. I don't even need to switch out Fleet Footed for resolve, nor switch from my movement speed weapon to my slightly stronger one (2.7k more dps, more loh).

Guess I'll try MP3 after this run.
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User Info: Motions_NL

5 years ago#12
I think MP5 is best for my taste.
I have tried MP6 on PTR and goes quiet well, however killing faster at MP5 will net me faster runs.

User Info: JonWhitaker

5 years ago#13
I tried mp5 with my roommate. she certainly isnt ready for mp5.. we had a few deaths on certain elite combos but there was never anything we couldn't kill. I think if im playing alone mp5 is where I'm at.. I find it hard to drop below 5 and drop 10% from 50% chance of rings dropping though. probably once I stop farming rings so hardcore I'll drop to 4 for the speed increase.

she got all the keys and the plan in our runs (of course I only didn't get the plan the two times we ran a4, the one in my least fav act that you only have to get one time) and we fought the butterfly/skeleton king combo on mp3. we died once early on but then played smarter and beat them second try. may try mp4 next time if I'm solo or with a stronger player.

she spent the entire time running from the bosses while I killed them & of course in the end she got the spine and I didn't -_-.

User Info: 5h07gun

5 years ago#14
4 seems like a good medium for me in my capped MF gear. I brought it down to 2 a couple times last night just because with my tank the runs go sloooooow. I'm sure with my battle gear I can at least tank 10, haven't tried it yet.
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User Info: captainsqually

5 years ago#15
I was doing Act 1 Keywarden runs on MP2 last night. Honestly everything felt a little more durable than pre-patch act 3, so I think I might switch it down to MP1 for a while until I can bump my DPS up.

26-29k DPS WD btw
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User Info: chromal187

5 years ago#16
115 dps dh glass cannon no SS. Loving TOC now, it doesn't blow me up when I vault from reflect mobs. I don't care what anyone says, trail of cinders is better this way.

Doing MP4 pretty easily... only die to reflect mobs so far. Like normal.
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User Info: Newtypez

5 years ago#17
I played mp1 thru mp4 last night on a3 and a1. OMG, mp1 was super easy.

as of right now, I'm very comfortable in mp3 for easy farming.....my ww barb is now 75k dps unbuffed
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User Info: redundancies

5 years ago#18
I didn't have much time to play last night, but I tried MP4 for a bit. I found that a normal Act 1 zombie on MP4 is about as strong as a Khazra warrior from Act 3 with MP0, so it was a struggle just to kill normal enemies. I'll scale back to 1 or 2 for my next test.

User Info: DoctorDoom80

5 years ago#19
MP5 is very reasonable, MP7 and above seemed like a waste of time.
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User Info: FolkenRawr

5 years ago#20
Act 1 MP1/2. And that's without any MF gear on :(
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