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User Info: Portalchaser22

4 years ago#1

Can anyone help me on upgrading my wizard or what would be a good starting point? What stats too look for on gear and skills to use/try for a higher mp? Right now im at mp3 and thats pushing it. Thanks.

User Info: Motions_NL

4 years ago#2
Farming higher mp levels with Wizard only leaves you with 2 choises.
CM build or Archon build.

With Archon build I would go for a 2h weapon.
With CM build you will need a 1h + oh. As you need to attack as fast as possible.

With CM build you need IAS, CC, CD, at least 20 APOC and ofcourse armor and AR.

All together it is very, very expensive.

But you'll at least have a thought on how to build.

User Info: DoctorDoom80

4 years ago#3
There's another build that works and that's the one I'm using now. Tag (Diablo III): DoctorDoom#1357
D3 Armory Profile:
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