In all honesty, how is this game now?

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User Info: Ronteque

4 years ago#21
mimycri posted...
Ronteque posted...
I just want to know if there has been improvements made to the game over these past few months. I don't want to go back farming Inferno butcher over and over again just to get yellow vendor trash. I want variety. I want to go around, kill stuff, find rares and legendaries that I can actually USE.

I've reinstalled the game 2 weeks ago and have completed finished from Act2 first quest Inferno with my barbarian stuck originally at Inferno Butcher runs with monster power turned off.
I'd say they game's been made significantly easier. Hence if you wish you can tweak the difficulty for more rewarding loot via monster power.

The downside is that the game is more like a single player game then ever.

That is great! My Barbarian was also stuck on Inferno Butcher previously.

I play this game for the single player aspect. I am sure that it will feel more like a multiplayer game once the PvP is released.. Unless it gets cancelled.

User Info: Raruwaru

4 years ago#22
Ronteque posted...
Actually, I love ARPG games. Diablo 2 was my first "real" pc game. I loved Titan Quest, Torchlight and the new Torchlight 2 as well. My all time favourite is probably still Diablo 2. I was really looking forward to 15 May.

(1) At release, Diablo 3 just lacked the "omph" once you reached end-game. I remember how frustrated I was with the game. I was stucked farming act 1 inferno butcher with 5 stacks and all I get is level 50s yellow vendor crap. I couldn't get to act 2 with my Barb because I die in 2 to 3 hits. I tried all kinds of builds, throw barb, sprint barb. And yes it was all about stacking prim, vit, AR to get further into the game AND a 1h 700 life per hit weapon and a shield.

(2) I just want to know if there has been improvements made to the game over these past few months. I don't want to go back farming Inferno butcher over and over again just to get yellow vendor trash. I want variety. I want to go around, kill stuff, find rares and legendaries that I can actually USE. All my items was from AH as I could never find anything that I could use because anything I find will never be better than the items sold on the AH and the items sold on AH are ridiculously priced at that time.

1. Your first problem is thinking ANY ARPG has an "endgame." This could be due to many things, but most likely MMOs are to blame. The WHOLE "endgame" in ANY ARPG is a grind for new items. Its tedious, monotonous, and often times INCREDIBLY boring. The big draw is that you might one day finally find that AWESOMESAUCE OMGWTFBBQ1111!!!! item you've been drooling over everytime you look at it every day for months. Hope. THATS IT. Diablo 3 does nothing new in this regard. Nothing worse nor better than the other games you listed. They're all the same. My best guess is that nostalgia is clouding your judgment here.

2. Yes, there has been plenty of improvements to the game since launch. Quite a few balance changes made to skills, which you could find if you spent the time searching for patch notes. If you came back and continued struggling with Butcher its clear the game isn't to blame. In fact, I had the same experience with him initially. You know how long it took me to go from getting faceplanted EVERY TIME in a matter of seconds, to going to getting the time achievement and killing him safely EVERY TIME? It took me literally 2 hours of tinkering with my skills and runes, the night before when I first started, and the next day when I got up. My gear was crap, I probably did 7-10k dps at most. I probably had 10k HP. It was awful, but I was persistent. You know what one of my RL friends I was playing the game with did? He gave up, just like you did. We were also on pace to be finished with Inferno 3 days after release so we all knew what were doing (we were only about 3 hours behind that group that ended up getting one of the first inferno clears at this point). Moral of the story? Nobody has any patience anymore.

Anyways, back to the changes. The biggest things have both been recently made:

With these paired together the difficulty has increased dramatically, which is awesome because prior to the patch everybody was steamrolling everything. These both fit the "endgame" you seem to be wanting/needing too. They've also stated that PVP will be added before the first expansion, which they've also started talking about a little.
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User Info: Thundercleese

4 years ago#23
Ronteque posted...
I have been staying away from this game ever since a week after release.

What has changed now? Have there been substantial improvements made to this game that actually warrant players that left because of all those crap at release to come back?

I am talking about the horrible drops, inferno monsters 1 - 2 hit kills, stupid elite pack affixes, enrage timers, glitching to inferno act 4 to farm that mirror boss, only variety of equipment is to go STR -> VIT -> ALL RES or DEX - VIT -> ALL RES or INT - VIT - ALL RES.

Have all the above mentioned been fixed or tweaked? And PvP?

Holy crap, what's with all the "same old" posts? These people are flat-out liars. A LOT has changed, including specifically most of the issues that you asked about.

1. Horrible Drops

The drop rate has improved. A lot. Legendaries and sets drop more often, and are much improved. Items (rares/sets/legendaries) now drop with improved stats. Nephalem Valor guarantees rare drops from elites/resplendent chests. There are now "Paragon Levels" which basically allow you to go up to level 160, gaining 3% Magic and Gold find per level, boosting your rate. You WILL find better stuff more often by a large margin now compared to release.

2. Inferno Monsters 1-2 hit kills

Thing of the past. Inferno is about 100 times easier. Monsters have been nerfed in a huge way. Inferno is no longer hard. I'm not kidding. The other people suggesting it's no different are liars. There is "monster power" now, which allows you to adjust the monster difficulty upward (at your choice). If you do this, you will further boost item drops, magic, experience, and gold find as a reward.

3. Stupid elite pack affixes

They removed the one where minions were invincible. I think all others are still in play, but some of them have been fixed are nerfed a bit. With all the major nerfs to monsters, elite packs should not be a problem generally speaking, unless you turn on monster power.

4. Enrage timers

Elites had them removed. Bosses I believe still have them, but again, with all the monster nerfs, not a real issue. I've personally never even seen it happen.

5. Glitching to Inferno

Pretty sure this is fixed, or at least not an issue. With nerfs, there's no reason to glitch through Inferno. Monster Power encourages playing all areas of the game, as well as Key Wardens/Infernal Machine/Uber bosses (another cool new feature--go read about it).

6. Equipment Variety

This is still largely the same, but lots of new and improved legendaries and sets have been added, and there are definitely some choices and distinctions to be made.

7. PvP

Still not included. Expected sometime next year.
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User Info: angermngment101

4 years ago#24
game is still garbage.

User Info: kingofjamaica

4 years ago#25
The game is a lot better than it was back in Spring when I stopped playing. I can at least beat Inferno now on MP0 without paying $1700 for gear. That said, the drops are still absolute crap, so unless you're running a bot, or have tons of real money to spare, you could play for years and never get one good drop.
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User Info: kukingina2

4 years ago#26
people play on mp0 then complain about drops.....

"punches monitor"
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User Info: EternalFlame66

4 years ago#27
Game still needs a lot of work.
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User Info: Shoopufridin

4 years ago#28
Almost disappointed Ryyaann has not said something about ww barbs in here yet.

User Info: natemstr101

4 years ago#29
I quit the game because I was in the same position as you, stuck farming act 1 and not being able to make it to act 2. I came back a couple weeks ago and this game is completely improved. There are now 11 different difficulty levels for inferno. I easily progressed through the rest of inferno on my Witch Doctor and am now slowly building up on the difficulty scale (I'm at MP3 now)

I am once again having a lot of fun with the game, the drops are very much so improved. A lot of what I'm wearing now is from personal finds (that includes set/legendaries)

User Info: SyxxPakk6

4 years ago#30
Not going to read all other posts and just say this. I quit back in late July and came back late October. Loving the game it's 100x better than it was. Difficulty curve has been made much better. Still have Mp6+ for more hardcore ppl and Mp0 for ppl transitioning from Hell. Sooooo many more drops and some useful so far. Paragon and MP add more life to the game.

Only complaints is I want public MP games. I want some more content. Add a bit better itemization. Why would I ever want a Mojo with primary stat as strength? Hello??

What I don't want:
New content to always completely destroy and void existing items. Add new stuff overall don't make old gear completely useless. This isn't WOW.
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