Monk and barb end game

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User Info: DaSouthWillRise

4 years ago#1
How are these two characters end game? Do these classes have issues with the amount of skills they can use down the road? I noticed that before the big patch some classes that made it to the higher difficulties could only choose between a very select few skills and builds simply because nothing else worked.
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User Info: Evil_Evil_Evil_

4 years ago#2
barbs are now op so everything is easy mode.

monks are still shafted though

User Info: samurai1900

4 years ago#3
Like Ying and Yang. - Samurai190

User Info: Raruwaru

4 years ago#4
Its pretty much still the same, I'd probably say these are the top two classes with real end game gear though.

All 5 classes have quite a few skills which have basically been accepted as all but mandatory. Its unfortunate because there isn't much variance if you look at all the top players of each class, hopefully someday they'll buff less used skills to be as viable as they advertised they would be (the whole 1.x billion builds video way back when, or whatever).
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