Getting so sick of the key drop rates

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Lord of Nightmares 4 years ago#11
I honestly feel bad for you. I just did an Act III run on MP 2 a couple of days ago in order to gain a paragon level, and I decided to kill Xah'rid for the heck of it with 5 NV stacks. It ended up dropping the key, which was a great shock since it took me 3 MP 4 runs beforehand before it dropped the first time around.

Oh, and I also got a Blackthorne's Jousting Mail along the way from a random white mob, although the stats weren't all that hot.

User Info: Shunsatsu

4 years ago#12
He just dropped one for me , 5th try, on MP 0
Rejoice and Revel in the Triumph of the Dark.

User Info: Hi C

Hi C
4 years ago#13
Player A 0 for 15

Player B 12 for 15

"Drops are in line with our expectations, random is random"

Infamous working as Intended Blizzard RNG.
You'll be my John G.

User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
4 years ago#14
Annoyed with the key rates? Wonder how you'll feel when you spend the keys and the organs don't drop...
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