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User Info: CjL025

5 years ago#1
So, I'm a casual player, maybe an hour or so a day, no big deal. Anyways, going through inferno solo with my Monk, only have about 1.4 mil on hand. Got through Acts I and II will little to no difficulty but Act III is starting to irritate me and was hoping for some advise. So figured I'd get some advise as I sit here bored at work. So

My basic strat with my equipment is Sockets with anything and everything (except weapon), Life Regen, Dex, Life per spirit spent, spirit recharge, crit. hit chance, and All elemental (or physical as I'm using the "One with everything" passive skill to bring all resistances up). My base Life Regen rate is at 1500 per second, Crit. Hit chance is 46%, crit, about 100%. DPS says 28K. Life is up around 21K or so. I go with a fist weapon and shield that provides 19% chance to block. I'm not sure of my dodge chance. My fist weapon does not have a socket and is 1046 DPS with 121 vit, 2.21 spirit regen, and 348 health per hit. I practically stole it in the auction house for only 11K gold on an auction and can't find anything much better without spending over 500K.
Resistences are all around 66%, Damage Reduction from armor is about 63%.

Skills: ...I don't have it in front of me so this will be rough lol.
Spirit Generator: ...the last option attack with the last rune choice that uses the wind projectile on the 3rd hit.
Right click: The bell with the Holy damage shooting out.
Slot 1: Serenity with 4 second duration
Slot 2: The spin kick attack with increased Knockback
Slot 3: Seven Sided strike with Sudden runestone (warp with increased damage. Attack of choice for Elites and Bosses)
Slot 4: Healing Mantra with 3 spirit per second regen.

Passive 1: All Resistances the same as the most one (One with Everything I think)
Passive 2: The one that increases Life per spirit spent
Passive 3: +100 spirit and increased spirit regen.

This skills my Spirit Regen is about 9 per second, Life per spirit is around 100, Life Regen gets up to around 1900 per second.

Strat is basically this, maintain a high life regeneration rate consistently and through the use of Spirit draining attacks, hence my use of 2 non-recharge Spirit draining skills. Serenity when things get tight. Spinkick to heal and knockback when I get surrounded. Seven Sided for heavy damage to single enemies, to avoid attacks, and to heal. Healing Mantra for obvious reason, I chose not to do the increased healing per second because it wasn't that big of a factor, not as much as the 3 spirit per second boost. the 360 degree Holy damage Bell attack is good for healing, knockback, and wiping out groups near and at a distance. With the increased spirit, the spirit regen, and the Spirit generator attack I can stand toe to toe with most elites and bosses without running out of Spirit and maintaining my health.

But again, Act III is proving harder and I don't have a lot of gold to spend. Any advise would be appreciated!!
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User Info: rjames80

5 years ago#2
First thing would be getting a weapon with crit damage, a socket, or preferably both. Since you already have a good crit chance, you're going to want to boost crit damage. Also, 21k HP seems pretty low for a monk.
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User Info: authendictator

5 years ago#3
I used to be in the same boat, but now I realize that the shield and pro defense gear was only holding me back, I used to be in the 20k range dps, but you take 10x the amount of damage for 10x the amount of time, try going full dps with some life on hit, drop your resistance down to the 500 to 600 range, I run mp5 with that and 122k dps and don't have an issue. I have some extra monk gear that I will give you for free, I'm confident I can get you in at least the 50 to 60k range with what I have laying around. Get to me tonight 8 to 9 eastern. Digglerduo#1169

User Info: WutGei

5 years ago#4
I used to be in the same boat as you as well but have recently swapped out some items and skills. I used to use lashing tail kick for massive groups of enemies as well but this wasn't that effective. You don't need such a high life regeneration, instead you probably want more life on hit so even if you take a couple of hits your quick attacks will make up for the loss.

Agreed with above poster, ditch the shield and go for another fist weapon. I'm not sure if you want to change your skills, but maybe you should try the typical monk build.

Fist of thunder - Thunderclap
Sweeping wind - cyclone
Mantra of conviction - overawe
breath of heaven

You build spirit relatively quickly so the extra 100 spirit and the spirit regeneration skill can be swapped out for something more useful.

Also when you are using One with Everything, be sure to get gear with all resistance and focus only on one type of resistance so your resistances will be high.

Here is my monk, not that powerful but can survive Act 3 MP1 easily.

I have 800+ resistance and 1500 life on hit, barely any life regeneration.

User Info: Aziraphaile

5 years ago#5
Step 1: Swap shield for a second weapon.

Step 2: Swap Exalted Soul for Guardian's Path.

Step 3: Swap Mantra of Healing for Mantra of Evasion with Backlash.

Step 4: Revel in having more DPS, +30% more dodge chance, and the ability to deal aoe damage on every successful dodge.

I'd ditch Lashing Tail Kick as well, if I were you. It doesn't really do anything that Explosive Light doesn't do. Either use the Hand of Ytar rune, which makes it a heavy-hitting ranged snare you can use on annoying stuff like Fallen Shaman and Morlocks (and makes it functionally useful again), or start using one of the many variants of Sweeping Wind.

Basically, Dual-wield, and do this:!UYd!aZYcac
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User Info: kavein

5 years ago#6
post battle tag so we can view profile.
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