Do you all like this here game??

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User Info: invyking

4 years ago#1
Cause I sure do! HUCK HUCK HUCK!

User Info: zinzangz

4 years ago#2
yeah a few hundred thousand big shot, cuz im awesome at the game.yeah i launched some goofy looking ball at some monsters and they all died. wow do i feel great about myself. im over here jumping with joy. i feel like some Ahole. i killed like so many monsters right, and i woke by neighbors flipping out how awesome i am. wow. o holy frick this is the best ive ever felt in life. WOW. HELP

i wanna shout from the rooftops about how many monsters i killed. i might be the greatest person to have ever pressed a button ever. yeah, i wanna let the world know, WHEN I HIT THAT BUTTON YEAH THATS HOW MANY DIED THATS WHATS UP..

i killed a bunch right, a whole ton of things, i posted it on twitter, a monumental world event and no one cared then i died in real life. so now what. hi i like coffins
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  3. Do you all like this here game??

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