How far will 700k gold get me in HC?

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User Info: Ctubbie

4 years ago#1
So my level 54 monk finally died, and I sold off all the rares I have been hoarding. Amassed about 700k gold and thinking of creating another HC character.

My monk was untwinked and lasted pretty long without using the AH. I had a hard time though. So now that I got some gold finally, which character should I build and will 700k gold lasts me til inferno if I am to go the AH route this time?

Any tips and advices will be appreciated!!

User Info: Ki_cat_

4 years ago#2
Intelligence gear is the cheapest but Barbarians are pretty powerful and effective.
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User Info: HNETNaruto

4 years ago#3
You can hit lvl 60 pretty easily now unless you get a pretty violent lag spike. However, with 700K I believe you can get enough gear to finish Act 1 and 2 Inferno. However, it will fall short to be able to do MP1 Act 1/2 or MP0 Act 3. Each slot will cost you way more if you wanna do those Acts without the fear of dying.
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  3. How far will 700k gold get me in HC?

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