How much has this game changed?

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User Info: xsabrewulf

5 years ago#1
Last time I played was the patch they added Paragon levels.

is there a lot more loot now? easier to get or do I still need to buy from the AH?

User Info: Zonte II

Zonte II
5 years ago#2
I have an idea: read the patch notes.
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User Info: Black_Zero_X

5 years ago#3
They added Uber Bosses.
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User Info: Mad_Cow46

5 years ago#4
To be "good" you need to buy from the AH. To just play the game you can just stay on mp0 till something drops.
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User Info: RemakeMe

5 years ago#5
Still buy from the AH.

IMO they really need to just focus on items for one patch and just triple it, make low lvl gear roll with 60+ type stats in infernal mode and fix all the crappy gear, and add socket quest. And this game would stay fun for a quite a while...bc, yknow....the whole point to these types of game is the loot yet the loot in this game sucks so freaking bad right now.
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  3. How much has this game changed?

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