Diablo III PvP Update Blog is here! From the words of JW himself!

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User Info: KarmicDragon1

4 years ago#21
I still smirk a bit when I look back to when all these trolls cried about the pvp being team-based and kept saying they should make a dueling system instead. Good times :)
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User Info: RemakeMe

4 years ago#22
So many things wrong with this.

1. They could of easily implemented "dueling" day 1. Yet it took them this long to do it.

2. Jay Wilson is telling us what's fun again. Let the people decide, and beta test the arena for you then you work from there.

3. The whole reason the game was a mess bc of these "internal" testers making the game severely dumb down. Removing traits and synergies. It was too hard to put points into traits!

4. How can any one still defend this piece of turd? He's got to be the crappiest lead designer of all time.

there literally needs to be a point when Michael Morhaime and Rob Pardo say wtf has this guy been doing.
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User Info: cubiehole

4 years ago#23
*Sniff, sniff*

Hmm...smells like expansion material...
I don't like to brag, it's elitist and I hate elitism, but your comments seem pretty hilarious considering that I write stuff Obama reads. - Terran

User Info: GrandpaShuffle

4 years ago#24
I would hope no one who has been following D3 news over the past months/years was surprised by today's blog post. Jay hasn't exactly been keeping the bar set at a high level.

User Info: GoIrish80

4 years ago#25
I predict this guy will find the need to update his resume before the end of 2013.
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User Info: Ixtllton

4 years ago#26
Damn! I thought Fat Wilson could sink no lower. Remind me to lose the last shred of hope I have for D3 to be something besides an AH simulator.

User Info: EWGF

4 years ago#27
... people still caring about PvP in Auctioneer Simulator: Pay-To-Win.ver? Here's your last coffin nail though for anyone who enjoyed D2, to be fair though.
Soulcraft Science.

User Info: invyking

4 years ago#28
is there any idea of about how long it will take them to put this into the game for reals??

User Info: EternalFlame66

4 years ago#29
Such is your fate.

User Info: gfacchini

4 years ago#30
I don't care about PvP at all, but they should really give you guys Team DM and then fix it as necessary. If it already exists, then wtf is the problem? Just do it.
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  3. Diablo III PvP Update Blog is here! From the words of JW himself!

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