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User Info: JERM57

4 years ago#31
Ryyaann_Is_Band posted...

Jondar! Why have you forsaken the order (of WW-barbs)? How could you have fallen so far from the light?
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User Info: CanuckCowboy

4 years ago#32
From: AzNmAsTeR07 | #022
CanuckCowboy posted...
death knight

I'd say a death knight / dark knight is actually a very well established and fairly well fleshed out character.

Also a monk is in no way an effective replacement to a paladin, imo. They aren't strength based, and they don't suit armour, shields, or swords very well either.

What traits define a death knight? Are they exclusively undead beings? If they are, they wouldn't fit in the Diablo theme of humans overcoming the legions of Hell.

The problem isn't that they look different from monks. It's that paladins have already been established in the Diablo series as possessing the skills they were given in D2. With auras and mantras clashing, and holy magic shared between both (though slightly different), the paladin from D2 has a few combat skills left over. There's just not enough material there for creating a separate D3 class. Sure we need a character who uses shields as weapons, but that alone is not enough for a complete character. Even if you added new skills other than auras or holy magic to make the paladin more complete, there is already an established range of abilities that fit within the paladin theme, and so options would be limited. None of these options offer a new style of gameplay that has not been represented by an existing class. If you change too much, you wouldn't call the character a paladin anymore. Maybe try a priest or a cleric.

There's enough overlap between the barbarian of D2 and the one in D3 for it to still retain its name. On the other hand, there's a reason why the wizard in D3 isn't just called a sorcerer again. They both use magic, but sorcerers and sorceresses are heavily rooted in the primary elemental magics whereas wizards branch off into space-time and illusionist territory.

Evil looking / dark armour, swords / axes maces, mainly strength based, but with abilities such as life steal / fire magic enchantments / auras which cause damage or curse enemies. It would be primarily strength based, but have some black magic style abilities, just to a lesser extent than a true magic user, and more focused on a few "evil" themed magics. Called it a dark knight if you want. It's not like this is some completely new and unheard of character here. Not in books, movies, or games.

Also you say it won't work because it has no history, then go on to explain the specific difference between wizard and sorcerer, which is basically just saying that wizards lack any prior history. I have to say you illustrated the difference quite well though. As far as paladin goes, I'm not adverse to it being called a priest / cleric / whatever, but something along those lines. I'd even say templar if there weren't already a templar follower.
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User Info: J1mi

4 years ago#33
A class that uses elite affixes. Make them taste some frozen arcane vortex nightmarish.
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User Info: jiminatrix

4 years ago#34
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User Info: samurai1900

4 years ago#35
Warmage, nothing else MATTERS.
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User Info: lowlifeboy

4 years ago#36
it was mentioned some time ago by someone stating for a character that utilizes whips/flails. i agree with his/her idea. the character can be much like simon belmont from the castlevania series. he would use whips/flails, can be both melee and range built around strength stat.

User Info: jcmason

4 years ago#37
I still have my Necromancer (summon-focused) active on US West. Nothing like lagging out bots by summoning 64+ followers. I imagine it would need major tweaking for a game like this.
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User Info: Newtypez

4 years ago#38
Necro got a cameo appearance in d3, which means.....VERY Possible that Necro is one of the character in the expansion. WIN WIN. :D

Whatever it may be...Bring it on!
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User Info: psilosinner

4 years ago#39
Beastmaster or Druid with Beastmaster spec. That would be nice, I like summoning but Witch Doctor doesnt do it for me.
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User Info: whemmy

4 years ago#40
A rogue or thief.
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