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User Info: ChronoAce

4 years ago#21
I agree with Karmic. The new patch has brought back millions of people to D3.
Karmic Dragon2003 4 years ago#22
drointhewind posted...
You guys have to admit, the launch tainted the game and the brand forever. It has picked up but it should have been released like this at least.

No, not really. Some of us are actually sensible people and can understand that issues may arise when 6 million people try to get on a game at the same time.

Then the same people praise PoE's launch, not realising it has at most 1/100th of the players D3 had at launch, and think GGG is some sort of amazing company that nails every launch.

Hell they still haven't fixed desynching in PoE. It's been over a year since people brought that up.

It took Blizzard less than a year to add pvp. It's taken GGG more than a year to NOT YET FIX A FATAL FLAW IN THEIR GAME.

That's insane.
CreviceCretin - Mario games are for little kids grow up and kill something.
^ 164 people agree that it's ignorance at its finest.

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

4 years ago#23
You need a better ISP if your having de-syncing issues.
Ryyaann is banned.

User Info: Mad_Cow46

4 years ago#24
Sasquatch8080 posted...
ShadowGomamon posted...
Don't know what you're talking about. This is better than the slowmo pixelfest that D2 was.

Oh hell, I don't disagree with you on that one. I tried to play D2:LoD again the other day, and had to quit. It hurts my eyes!!! People complain about PoE graphics, but even their graphics are light years ahead of D2.

I think PoEs graphics are pretty good. Especially in the slums.
I've found better friends in piles of excrement. Aren't you thankful?
Sometimes, ignorance truly can be bliss.

User Info: EWGF

4 years ago#25
"This isometric, loot-gating, no-skill-required ARPG plays better then that isometric, loot-gating, no-skill-required ARPG."

What's "Subjectivity" for 2000 points, Alex?
What's "Dead Genre" for 5000 points and the game, Alex?

2/10 for making me reply. See me after class kids, and we'll discuss getting your grades up to code.
Soulcraft Science.
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  3. Good to see this is in the top 5 Boards again.

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