To Torment players..what are your stats?

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User Info: Urizen5

3 years ago#1
Never really did endgame with with D3, have a few 60+ characters, and was curious what my damage and toughness should average.

I'm working my way up through ranks. expert now, just curious what i should be hitting by torment. just curious on peoples averages really.
Thanks for the help and time.

User Info: anonymous46773

3 years ago#2
100k dps and 1m toughness and I'm soloing T1 right now with my Barbarian. It's fun, but enemies take forever to kill.
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User Info: RawringAir

3 years ago#3
My barb is at about 804k damage 8.5m toughness
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User Info: PenguinKillBear

3 years ago#4
I can torment 1, my wiz has 7mil toughness and 250k dps

its not super fast though
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User Info: Jhag1988

3 years ago#5

490k dps
3.2m toughness

Not hard very minimal deaths if any

User Info: xHuckleberry

3 years ago#6
830k dmg, 2.3tough

Witchie dR
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User Info: Xann0

3 years ago#7
For crusader I'm 650k sheet dps, 13m toughness - but I'm using schaefer's hammer which is additional 200% aoe damage every second around me, so my dps is probably a lot higher(also got 15% lightning dmg on bracer thats not seen on dmg sheet).

I'm farming T2 really comfortably... walk around and trash mobs melt in 2-3 seconds. I can farm T3 too but it's 2x/3x as slow and if an elite has weird affixes with walling it becomes a really hard fight.

I'd say 300k dps with 7m toughness was when I could efficiently farm T1. Like actually farm, not just sit and wait on cooldowns or kite for ages.

User Info: Deoxys_Prime

3 years ago#8
My Barb has roughly 380k damage and 5m toughness right now. T1 is pretty challenging for me though. If I ever have more than 1 group of elites to handle I often die.
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User Info: ShadowGomamon

3 years ago#9
RawringAir posted...
My barb is at about 804k damage 8.5m toughness

Link profile? Not doubting you, just hoping for inspiration. My barb is similar DPS but only 6.5m toughness.

User Info: Arcom8065

3 years ago#10
Wizard - Over 500K DPS and 2.2m toughness unbuffed. However T1 is not even a challenge for me because after buffs plus stacking over 30% meteor damage plus lightning damage I deal 7-8m damage per meteor.

Sheet DPS is only scratching the surface, eDPS is the true indicator. Just sucks there's no good calculator for eDPS atm until D3UP updates to RoS.
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