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User Info: Loki_XVI

7 years ago#1
hey does anyone know the full/complete details on how the greenifier works?
specifically, does it work on re-growable crops like strawberries,
and when u use it, do u hit 'A' or 'B'?
Also, do u throw the seeds down then position the blue thing on the middle of the 9x9 square or do u stand on the middle square?

if all those could be answered i will reward u with mounds and mounds of gratitude
mounds yo
- Loki

User Info: Loki_XVI

7 years ago#2
alright, i half answered the one question about what square, i think u can only greenify one square of seed, and the b or a question, ill try b first since i know a throws stuff and its lost, but new question,
how do u greenify something to level 3? use it on a grown crop? pluck the lvl 2, leave it there?
and can it be used on every crop/flower?
- Loki

User Info: shimmy6

7 years ago#3
Greenifier can be used on any crop. You can put it on as many squares of that crop as you wish. Make sure you put it on the crop when it's still in the seed stage; otherwise it won't work. When the crop is ripe, the squares that you put Greenifier on will be one level higher than the other squares.

Then you put one or more of the upgraded crop into your seedmaker to make upgraded seeds. (If you don't have the seedmaker yet, you won't be able to make upgraded seeds.) Then plant the seeds from the seedmaker, put Greenifier on that crop, and repeat until your crops are at level 10. When you plant the upgraded seeds from one greenified crop, you'll get a whole plot of nine upgraded crops. So there's no reason to use Greenifier on more than one square if you don't want to.

You put Greenifier on a square using the L + A button, if I recall correctly. It makes no difference which square(s) you put it on. When you plant seeds, you should be standing in the middle of the 3x3 plot. I think you press the Select button to make a cursor appear. If you're standing in the middle of a plot, then the cursor will be on the middle square of one of the sides. It's a good idea to always use the cursor just to make sure you're in the right place. Use the B button to plant seeds. Note that if you're upgrading a regrowable plant, you must chop it down with the sickle before you plant the new seeds, because Greenifier only works on seeds.

You can also upgrade your crops or seeds by trading back and forth via wifi or DS to DS. Each time you trade, the item goes up one level. You can trade crops up to level 99, but you won't be able to grow crops higher than level 10 even if you use level 99 crops to make the seeds. So trading past level 10 is really a waste of time. The crop will sell for more, but if you're trading to make money, you should trade something more valuable, like diamonds or another valuable gem.

Sorry this is so rambling, hope it helps you! One other thing you might want to use sometime is formula. This is a crop accelerant, and speeds up the growth of crops by one day, two days, or three days, depending on the type of formula you use. Only the one-day formula is sold at the pharmacy; you can make the others at home after your house has been upgraded. You can use formula anytime - the crop doesn't have to be in the seed stage. It seems kind of expensive when you first start farming, but you'll soon be making a lot of money by mining, and you'll be able to buy it.

User Info: Loki_XVI

7 years ago#4
oooooh man, thank you very much, that was very informative
i bought the seed maker last night, ive only been buying strawberries, and i plowed about 50 squares in the first cave but dont have a hammer. is that what u need to mine?
anyway, thanks again, im gonna try and find where it is after i finish playing mario is missing, hahaha
- Loki

User Info: shimmy6

7 years ago#5
Yeah, you need the hammer to mine. Also to flatten plowed squares if you ever want to do that. Someone will probably give you one soon, but I don't think they'll come to you. Chat with the villagers. When they like you enough, their FP will go up and sometimes they'll give you things or tell you things.

I'm also playing Mario - Bowser's Inside Story. It's a great game, but I probably won't want to play it again for a long time, if ever. Unlike this game, which I wanted to replay as soon as I beat it!

User Info: Adriannafiore

7 years ago#6
Thank you soooo much. I've been trying to figure out how the heck to do this forever. Not that I need the money. I've got 2 million already. I haven't even gotten past the Kashmir Cave.

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