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Worst. Elite. Platinum. Status. Club Nintendo. Reward. EVER

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User Info: XFactor1

6 years ago#1
So for spending around several hundreds of dollars to earn Club Nintendo Platinum status, they reward the customers with some novelty pins that cost less than $1 to make and nobody would want to use.

Compare that to the Felt Mario Hat replica that cannot be bought anywhere else in 2009
and the unique Mario cast Characters statue that came in a yellow question mark box in 2010.

Worst of all, this is the first year I bothered spending money to get Elite Platinum status,

User Info: Uiru

6 years ago#2
If you have any unused surveys, make sure to do this with them.
bloodhawks return 6 years ago#3
This is...disappointing.
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User Info: Capt_Speedbump

6 years ago#4
I must admit that as a Platinum Status Member, I find the pins to be pretty underwhelming.

I missed out the first year, where I would have killed to get Doc Louis' Punch-Out!!. I also thought the Mario hat was pretty cool.

I wasn't too enamored with the mario and friends statue, but at least that looked like it had significant time and effort put into it.

These are just some pins and cases with 8-bit Mario graphics. It really doesn't seem like a lot of thought or care went into it.

Is anyone genuinely excited about this reward?

User Info: TomorrowDog

6 years ago#5
I think it is about as interesting as the rewards for the last two years.

None of these things are particularly exciting or manage to entice me to actually redeem the points from my purchases. But, y'know, its free. Anybody that buys a ton of products with the intention of getting some big payoff at this time of the year has got a pretty bad perspective on the issue. I'm sure Nintendo loves you though.
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User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

6 years ago#6
My first platinum status and damn you Nintendo! After seeing the statue last year, I decided to actually use my codes this time, such a waste of time. I am really disappointed.
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User Info: -NinjaWarrior-

6 years ago#7
its a free reward. if you were buying games solely for this, you are crazy...

qq more
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User Info: Shadowbird_RH

6 years ago#8
This is how Nintendo shows their appreciation for the valuable marketing feedback their customers give them through those surveys. I'm not impressed.
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User Info: little_fat_boy

6 years ago#9

From: -NinjaWarrior- | #007
its a free reward. if you were buying games solely for this, you are crazy...

this.. and if you don't like them sell them on eBay. The platinum awards usually sell for $50-$60 when they're first released. I sold my statue last year for $55 and it was going as high as $70.

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User Info: FierceJello

6 years ago#10
It's not free. You're filling out market research surveys, and if you take the time to provide serious answers, you're probably not even earning the equivalent of minimum wage. On top of that, NoA offers the smallest and worst selection of merchandise out of the three regions even though America is Nintendo's biggest market.

I encourage everyone to write "Localize Xenoblade and The Last Story" in every survey text box at this point.
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