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Wii - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 6.0 (Read Before Posting)

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User Info: M_arc_el

7 years ago#281
I sold my old wii to a friend with some wiiware and virtual console games in it. I recently bought a new wii and I want to retrieve my games using a SD card.

So, I did a transfer from my old console to the SD card and I am now trying to finalize the process by transferring my games from the SD card to my new wii but I always get the message that the game cannot be transferred to that wii. It can't be copied either.

May someone help me with this issue or give me the page where this issue has been responded if it is the case.

thank you
M. M

User Info: SPV999

7 years ago#282
You cant copy VC/WiiWare games from one console to another.
Basically, when you gave your Wii away you gave your downloaded games with it.
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User Info: Steven9wii

7 years ago#283
ok, my wii was fine yesterday but when i go to play anything today it has a disc read error on ALL games. when a new copy of smash bros brawl was working for a month but after it stopped, a week later super paper mario and mario party 8 had issues. and today when i try new super mario bros wii (along with all games) i get disc read error and my dad said something MIGHT be loose but i'm not sure where. new wii one month 6 days old. please help

User Info: LightInTheSky

7 years ago#284
Very helpful topic.
Numero 5
I'm sorry to intrude here, since I'm a new American Wii user.

I just saw some videos for the Japanese game Happy Dance Collection. I would like to buy it from EBay sometime soon, but I do not know if the game can be played on an American Wii.

Anyone who can give any advice? Any help is greatly appreciated.

User Info: SourlDieseL

7 years ago#286
Wow, this helped quite a bit - thanks
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User Info: JackGreb

7 years ago#287
I have the same problem as Steven9wii.

User Info: linkpro64

7 years ago#288
What’s a Wii?

User Info: kwarantine

7 years ago#289
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User Info: kwarantine

7 years ago#290
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
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