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Does the wii REMOTE plus work better than the wii motion plus add-on?

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  3. Does the wii REMOTE plus work better than the wii motion plus add-on?

User Info: sequoiadrivex

6 years ago#1
There are a few games out there that require wii motion plus that I'd like to play. I have 2 standard (non-motion plus) wiimotes. The add-ons are like 12 dollars each on amazon. Whereas the controllers with the motion plus bundled in already are about 30 dollars each. Does one work better than the other?
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User Info: Phasmatis92

6 years ago#2
They work exactly the same, the only significant difference being that in add-on ones can be a little cumbersome if you're use to the size and weight of a normal wiimote.
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User Info: RyuVegas

6 years ago#3
There is no difference whatsoever. I don't even think there is a difference in power consumption. And having the WiiMotion Plus add-on or built in while playing games that doesn't require it doesn't make the remote more accurate or add any functionality more than a regular Wiimote would have. So don't falsely believe that it helps.

So personally I'd sell the old Wiimotes and just replace then with some Wiimote Pluses. But take this into Consideration: Have you yet run into a game that actually utilizes more than one Plus Controller simultaneously at the moment? I can only think of Wii Sports Resort and that is only on a few mini games. And Red Steel 2 and Skyward Sword are both singleplayer games so I don't see how needing more than 1 is necessary right now. I don't know if Conduit 2 offers 4-player splitscreen though but it seems like you can wait on getting more Plus controllers until the WiiU makes games that support it as clearly the Wii itself isn't making anymore anytime soon... unless Nintendo decides to Localize Zangeki no Reliev and LMAO at that happening if Xenoblade, Last Story, and Pandora's Tower are even in questing of happening.
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User Info: slightlord

6 years ago#4
They are thee exact same. I have 4 with add-ons and two built in (came with the consoles as I have not bought a new controller since before Motion plus was released) and thee only difference is size and weight.

I have grown accustomed to both but most would take built in over add-on because of practicality.
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  3. Does the wii REMOTE plus work better than the wii motion plus add-on?

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