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Does the Wii play DVDs?

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User Info: drewdrewdrew

5 years ago#11
And to drewdrewdrew I do hope you know you could buy one for the price of $20 right now.

keep reading...i said i'd rather have a blu-ray if i'm going to shell out money for a dvd player, i'd rather use that money for a blu-ray player...and the PS3 also happens to play some AAA games.

User Info: iMURDAu

5 years ago#12
I read it. And $20 is still cheaper than a PS3. A stand alone Blu Ray player is cheaper than a PS3. I'm a miserly cheap bastard! I plan on buying a PS3 though. Maybe this month, maybe next, I'm backlogged in movies and still haven't finished Xenoblade so its not a huge priority even though I'm constantly harrassed by friends to get one for online play with them.
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User Info: FeiBenares

5 years ago#13
Could you not afford DVD player?

DVD Player is really cheap, as we can afford it.
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User Info: JKatarn

5 years ago#14
Nope, Nintendo cut costs by not paying the license fee required for DVD decryption (which is of course required for playback).
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User Info: The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy
5 years ago#15
From: Scoutisabelle | Posted: 2/9/2012 1:07:07 PM | #006
drewdrewdrew posted...
i really need a dvd player right now, and the only thing i have available to hook up to my Samsung 32" LCD TV is my Wii.

You can buy a DVD player for under $50,

$50 sounds pretty high, for that much, I'd spend another $30-40 and get a Bluray.

I wouldn't pay more than $30 for DVD, unless it had a built in screen or some other extra feature. The one I got for $20 ~5 years ago was perfectly fine, only stopped using it because it's easier to just play DVD's on my PS3 instead.
Jerec (Moderator)| 7/8/2011 4:43:14 AM
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User Info: Lum_Yatsura

5 years ago#16
Nintendo went with an unlicensed clone of DVD. Minute changes enough to avoid license fees. It means they're unable to use DVD's brand recognition in marketing. You'll notice that the Wii console, game discs, and packaging, do not bear a DVD logo.

Accordingly Nintendo is NOT a member of the DVD Forum, or listed as an official licensee of the DVD branding.

In legal terms it's "incorrect" to call Wii discs DVD. But in layman's terms everyone does.
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User Info: suprsolider

5 years ago#17
For $25-29.99 there was a disk and wireless remote that allowed you to play DVDs on a Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast can NEVER PLAY DVD's. It doesn't even have a DVD drive. It had a GD Rom, which only held about a gig of data. DVD's hold 4.7 single layer and 9 DL.

As for the person who said his PS2 didn't read Attack of the Clones, I can prove it does. I own it when it came out on DVD and my brother and I watched it ON MY PS2.
Just because YOUR PS2 was a piece of crap (more than likely from YOU mistreating it) doesn't mean everyones was.
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User Info: iMURDAu

5 years ago#18
And for the above poster who can't read a full post due to some lack of attention span I never said EVERY PS2 can't read Clones. I said it was one of the many movies that I watched that I could guarantee would stop playing at a certain point on my PS2. And way to assume that I mistreated my PS2. Hmmm. Strange that you posted before my post where I mentioned clones and in your post...

"The only DVD I ever had a problem with on PS2 is Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It used to freeze when Jessica took the stage (not that I mind, I could stare at her all day long)"

Maybe it froze because you paused it there too often to do some one hand pull ups? Yeah do you like having the tables turned?

I had a launch PS2 and it never read DVDs right. It went in for dre issues twice and I keep my electronics dusted. So you can act like I'm some console abuser and general idiot but its you having lack of knowledge and displaying it proudly.
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User Info: suprsolider

5 years ago#19
I still got a LAUNCH PS2. The very day it came out Oct 2000. I waited in the cold for 15 hrs to get one.

And guess what, I have watched Attack of the Clones and many other DVD's on it, and it still works like BRAND NEW. It has YET TO HAVE 1 DRE outside of freezing with Roger Rabbit at the part where Jessica takes the stage (which I don't mind since I can stare at her all day long).

I have watched all of Dragonball on it, I have watch tons of movies, I used it as my main DVD player till I got my PS3.

It still plays all games, Blue disc games,Dual Layer games like God of War.
I took CARE of the console. Most people who complain that they had DRE's obviously mistreated their consoles. More than likely putting in dirty discs, renting games,letting it get dusty not cleaning it out (I clean my every 2nd day and I keep it covered when not in use)
I don't rent games or movies (not that there are any rental shops left where I live, both Blockbuster and Rogers Video have closed down forever).
I don't buy used games either, always new. I don't want people's dirty discs in MY consoles,I have seen many people ruin their machines because they wanted to be cheap.
It's one of the reasons why I hate the rental and used markets is because of how other people treat their discs. I agree with the publishers that Used games are a burden on the industry and shouldn't be allowed.
"Those who say it's impossible to do something should not disturb those who attempt to accomplish."
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User Info: iMURDAu

5 years ago#20
*slow clap* Have fun cleaning your PS2 every other day and covered. How fragile does that flower sound now?

I got better things to do than argue with someone who thinks they know everything. FYI, my second dre issue started about 2 months after it got fixed the first time. So apparently the class action lawsuit was started by a ton of people who let their PS2s get so dirty. Yet my PC, TV, the $40 Mintek DVD player that I bought to do what my PS2 was supposed to do, stereo system, all still work all these years later. Yeah it was me totally being a dirtbag right? Oh my Cube still worked right where it sat until the disc drive stopped spinning. Let me guess, its because I had used games for it. The same ones I use in my Wii and have ZERO issue with right? I probably have TVs older than you!

You know nothing and are waaaaay too proud of showing ignorance.
**Knope for City Council 2012**
Bobby Newport never worked a day in his life
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