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Club Nintendo Trading Post

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User Info: SyluxOWNZ

5 years ago#1
Not sure if this kinda topic has been done before but I'm looking to trade some club nintendo pins.

I have:
Zelda Skyward Sword
Zelda Twilight Princess

Looking for:
Dragon Quest IX
Metroid Other M
Kirby's Epic Yarn
DKC Returns
Mario Sports Mix
Wii Play Motion
Zelda OoT 3DS

Let me know if you have those and we can hopefully work something out.
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User Info: metalXgear

5 years ago#2
I have four of those pins of the ones you listed, but I already have Zelda TP and Zelda SS. However I am open for other offers.
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User Info: Tonymontana45

5 years ago#3
What are these?

User Info: Walkiethrougie

5 years ago#4
Tonymontana45 posted...
What are these?
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User Info: OtherSuperPhil

5 years ago#5
Tonymontana45 posted...
What are these?

I assume Club Nintendo pin numbers, contained with every Nintendo first-party game and some third-party titles. You use them to get coins to buy rewards on the Club Nintendo website in North America.
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