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Is it possible to develop HD Wii games?

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User Info: gundam911

4 years ago#1
Can developers make Wii games meant to be viewed in HD and use Wii peripherals and play on the Wii U (but not use Wii U peripherals)?

Or do all Wii games have to be in SD?

User Info: Second_Chances

4 years ago#2
It doesn't work that way. A Wii game is a Wii game. A Wii U game is a Wii U game. Wii games don't support HD resolutions, but Wii U games do. Simple and clean.

The Wii U is compatible with every single Wii peripheral anyway, so they just make a Wii U game that uses Wii controllers.

User Info: SF_Baha

4 years ago#3
Without modified hardware, no. The Wii hardware itself has a frame buffer too small for HD image output.

If the Wii U has modifications to its backwards compatibility that allow it to take advantage of a larger frame buffer, then yes, it technically would be possible. I highly doubt this is the case, though.
"USDA Select meat tastes better than USDA Prime." - The Wii gaming mentality.
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  3. Is it possible to develop HD Wii games?

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