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2012 Year In Review Topic! What games did you play in 2012?!

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4 years ago#1
Hi there, GameFAQs Wii Board!

2012 is coming to an end.

The time has come for all to share what games we played in 2012.

I'm dying to hear your triumphs, your failures, your random moments!

I'd also love to hear what you would say 'the best game in 2012 I played' was.

-List (with dates and scores if you have them)
-'The Best Games I played in 2012'
-Looking Ahead

LORDCOSMOS' Beat/Completed Games in 2012

01/03/2012 N64 Super Mario 64 10/10
01/12/2012 Arc The Simpsons Arcade Game 9.5/10
02/10/2012 XBOX Project: Snowblind 7.5/10
02/17/2012 GCN Resident Evil Zero 9/10
03/05/2012 360 Mass Effect 2: The Arrival 7/10
04/10/2012 360 Mass Effect 3 8.5/10
05/16/2012 PC Star Wars: The Old Republic - Sage 7.5/10
05/21/2012 PS3 Dark Souls 10/10
05/25/2012 PC Diablo 8.5/10
06/12/2012 PC Diablo: Hellfire PC 7/10
06/12/2012 GCN Resident Evil Zero
06/21/2012 PSOne Resident Evil: Director's Cut Dual Shock 8.5/10
07/06/2012 360 Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 6.5/10
07/11/2012 GCN Resident Evil: REmake 10/10
07/16/2012 Wii Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronices 9/10
07/17/2012 PS2 Resident Evil: OUTBREAK File #1 7/10
07/30/2012 PS2 Resident Evil: OUTBREAK File #2 8/10
09/30/2012 PSOne Resident Evil 2 10/10 11/02/2012 PC Minecraft 10/10
11/09/2012 PSOne Resident Evil 3 9/10
11/12/2012 PSOne Resident Evil Survivor 7.0/10

Unfinished, planning on beating before year's end:
PSN Resident Evil: Code - Veronica X HD
XBL: L0RDC0SM0S PSN:Spacekat


4 years ago#2
2012 was a fairly exciting year for games for me. Mass Effect 3 was not such a huge disappointment for me personally as it seemed to be for a lot of people. That said it wasn't the 'perfect' game I was expecting/wanting. I still thoroughly enjoyed it, and thought it finished the storyline well.

The face-importing issue from ME1 saves was a notable headache for my gamer year. Had to do some tricky USB save hacking shenanigans, but I eventually got him 'Juan' Shepard looking proper.

I will say Project: Snowblind is a bit of leftover from my Deus Ex marathon (not fully completed hehe). A solid shooter, fairly interesting, generally fun. Probably plays better on PC.

Super Mario 64 was a game I had been putting off playing for years. I am very, very glad I got around to getting all 120 stars. Truly one of the best games ever made, a 'Progenitor' to just about *any* 3D game thereafter, and a true, manly level of challenge for those final stars, completing this one feels like a badge of honor. That, no one will ever take away from me :D

2012 was also a big year for Minecraft for me. I finally found a server I enjoy. Minecraft has fast become one of my favorite games I will probably always play, but also one of my favorite multiplayer games. The ending was quite beautiful and touching. Not for everyone, but for those that enjoy it, truly one of the greatest games ever made.

2012 was also the year I beat Dark Souls, another game I will take to my grave as my #1 Favorite Game of All Time. I have yet to finish the DLC, so I will be back.... The sad part is I lost my data, so I will have to start from scratch on a new system.

2012 will probably remembered by me as my 'year of classic Resident Evil'. Much like 2009 will always be my 'Xenosaga & Xenogears' year.

I love these games, these classic 'Tank Control' Resident Evil games. I love any game like it, Parasite Eve II, for one.

Resident Evil: REmake, in my opinion stands as one of the best if not the very best survival horror game of all time.

Resident Evil 2 is one of the rare cases where extreme hype and anticipation were met with a literally perfect game. Bigger, badder, more to do, more secrets, it is a true sequel in every sense of the word.

2012 is also the year I completed Diablo 1. :D

The Best Games That I Played in 2012 Were:

1. Dark Souls
2. Super Mario 64
3. Resident Evil: REmake
4. Resident Evil 2
5. Minecraft
XBL: L0RDC0SM0S PSN:Spacekat


4 years ago#3
Looking ahead:

I am going to finish out my Resident Evil Marathon, leaving a few Survivor titles and Gaiden for later.

After that is done, I'll plan on exploring more scifi/horror, things like Dead Space series, Aliens Vs. Predator (very much looking forward to Colonial Marines), and replaying DOOM 3 in the BFG edition.

Speaking of DOOM I also plan on playing through a lot of 'major' stepping stone games in the evolution of the early FPS. This means things like Wolfenstein, Duke 3D, Rise of the Triad perhaps.

After I've had my fill of horror, sci-fi horror, and 'classic' FPS games, I will finally move onto both postapocalyptic games, starting with Fallout and Fallout 3, as well as the entireity of the Metal Gear Saga.

I will probably finish Snake & Big Boss's saga sometime around Holiday 2017.

Happy New Year to all, looking forward to hearing 'My 2012 Year in Gaming' from all of you!


XBL: L0RDC0SM0S PSN:Spacekat
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